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Olympic Lifts using WSB scheme?

Ok been doing Olys since last nov. I added a back day to WSB two day split. So ME bench, ME Squat/DL, ME Back, DE Bench e.t.c.
On back days do rows, chins, rear delts, some biceps but always start with cleans on ME and snatchs on DE day as my main movement. But I’m not really following the WSB loading scheme for the olys just assuming I could use the snatch as a ‘dynamic’ version of the clean. (Tenuous I know!)

Been doing triples, double and then singles to 1rm on ME and DE. I have been changing the exercises slighly every third workout, power snatch to hang snatch e.t.c.
Made some progress, today power snatched 80kg (176lb) up from… errr 35kg (77lb) but gains are naturally starting to slow as technique improvements plateau. So I was wondering if I could use the WSB loading scheme for the olys.
An example, ME day snatch from triples to 1RM just shy of failure. Then DE day 70% snatch for triples. Using a 4 week wave scheme (70%-85%) for the DE days then changing that movement. Using the same exercise for two weeks on ME day then changing to cleans, snatch off blocks e.t.c.

So what does anyone think? Good, bad or just ugly.

I guess you didn’t read all the stuff I posted in the dave tate Q&A section when this came up…


here :slight_smile:

Oh yeah congrats on the PR!
Been a while since I did any powersnatches, hope to hit 175lbs one day too.

This is the link to the Westside OL thread:

Thanks guys
It seems that most of these programs are more orientated toward olympic lifts than perhaps I would prefer except for CT’s plan for athletes (but this doesn’t allow for any oly max work). I guess I am more of a powerlifter who dabbles with the olys for sports.

I don’t do the classic lifts, and my assistance work reflects that, no front squats, overheads. Colin you recommend plyos on dynamic days so I will try that as well.

Col like your idea of testing your max after reaching 80% on DE days. I would like to add more high pulls for ME day but as I am not allowed to drop the bar at my gym so I’m worried about how to get the big loads (clean high pulls) back to earth, I struggle with circa max cleans presently.

It seems the loading progression on DE days is a pretty good idea so I will definitely imcorporate that.

Is only performing olys twice a week too infrequent to make progress? (I realise good technique is vital but currently seem to be going ok)

Well just take the principles in that thread and shape em how you like, but they are good starting points anyway
As far as plyos and speed moves go, Jumpsquats, jumping boxsquats etc

I only do olys twice a week, not really doing them full on yet until I get access to a proper Elieko Bar and can drop the weights anytime I want to!
ie when I start visiting the proper oly gym in my city, but for now I do them twice a week before my lower body stuff and light while I attend to other training goals - 585lb full squat, 675lb clean deadlift, 455lb front squat etc etc :slight_smile:

I normally bounce snatch/cleanpulls on my upper thigh. It shouldn’t be a problem, I have done up to 263lbs like that, and I have seen olylifters use 300-400lbs in similar fashion with snatchpulls without dropping the weights.

i think a good way to look at it is that they do 16-20 DE reps total(8-10x2), so why not split the amount of DE work with the oly lift? I realize the problem in performing both the comp lift and the power versions, but why both int he same session? Why cant they be cycled? Anyways if you look at most oly lifters program they only end up doing around 5-8 reps on a lift in a session…I have been doing well with an approach like this but am going to change it soon, too much fatigue for me with the agility training, sprint training, and conditioning. So as an ex.
ME Upp
If your an oly lifter you could do push presses as an option, and I would stick to incline and higher as pecs are not very important at all, but shoulders are, and still a good amount of tricep and back work as these are important in the oly lifts

DE Lower
Power Snatch
DE Squats

DE Upper
Close grip possibly? or again incline and higher

ME Lower-Even though oly lifts are included here it would be the same way, except up to 20 DE reps rather than splitting it)
Power Clean
Some P-Chain work