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olympic lifts(power style)

I power snatch 60kg and power clean and power jerk 75kg. I curious as to how much others lift. I have little frame of reference as I have not seen anybody else in my gym do these lifts. Cheers!

When I practiced the Olympic lifts a few years ago, I was doing a 55kg snatch and 75kg clean & jerk at a bodyweight of 59kg. Now that I’m about to embark on Renegade Training once again, I’ll be doing the Olympic lifts and their variations. So hopefully, I’ll exceed those previous lifts in due time.

To give you a frame of reference here’s what some of my athletes did during this summer (I wont mention their names):

#1. (6’2", 215lbs, 23 yo, pro hockey player): Power snatch 80kg, power clean 130kg, push jerk 125kg

#2 (6'3" 207lbs, 22 yo, pro hockey player): Power snatch 75kg, power clean 105kg, push jerk 110kg

#3 (6'5" 235lbs, 24 yo, pro hockey player): Power snatch 75kg, power clean 100kg, push jerk 105kg

#4 (6'2" 310lbs, 23 yo, University football player): 110kg power snatch, 140kg power clean

#5 (5’9", 185lbs, 23 yo, University hockey player): 65kg power snatch, 90kg power clean, 90kg push jerk

#6 (6'1", 180lbs, 23 yo, University hockey player): 60kg power snatch, 90kg power clean, 85kg push jerk

#7 (6’2", 217lbs, 21 yo, Univesity hockey player) 70kg power snatch, 95kg power clean, 90kg push jerk

#8 (5’11" 205, 22 yo, University football player) 85kg power snatch, 105kg power clean, 110kg push jerk

#9 (5’4" 175lbs, 23 yo, University football player): 90kg snatch, 125kg clean, 140kg push jerk

#10 (5’6", 165lbs, 19 yo, Junior Hockey player) 60kg power snatch, 80kg power clean, 85kg push jerk

#11 (6’1", 220lbs, 22 yo, European pro hockey player): 70kg power snatch, 90kg power clean, 100kg push jerk

#12 (5’3", 135lbs, 15 years old, Female figure skater): 45kg x 4 power snatch, 65kg x 2 power clean, 60kg push jerk.

#13 (5'10", 207lbs, 17 yo, High school football player): 85kg power snatch, 125kg power clean, 125kg push jerk.

There are more, but that's just on top of my head. All of them practiced the olympic lifts for less than 5 months.

My best clean was 100kg for a triple at 79kg bodyweight, snatch… not sure off hand, probably around 80-85kg.

I don’t use them often but here are my lifts:

Power Clean: 90kgs
Power Snatch: 60kgs
Power Clean& Jerk ~70kgs


Well, I do 1-Arm Power Snatches, so I don’t know how good of a reference I can be, but I do 35 lbs. for bar speed. My maximums are 75/70lbs. respectively. I also do 1-Arm Power Cleans, and my weights are pretty similar to my 1-Arm Power Snatches. I also add in a jumping movement to my snatches/cleans, so that lowers the weight quite a bit.

It’s been a while since I maxed on the lifts but last time I did them I power cleaned 215X4 reps and power snatched 140X3 reps. Both of these lifts were done from the hang at around 165 lbs bodyweight.

Wow, you guys are lifting quite a bit for your bodyweights…

I know I haven’t perfected the form yet, but I can only snatch 115x3 and clean and jerk 155x2 at a body weight of 195. Hmm… back to the drawing board.

Ko and I are embarking on Renegade Training.

I have not picked up the poundage on my power cleans, I'm still using the 15kg bumpers with the bar. Working on that explosive technique, you know. So, have been keeping it rather light. Yesterday, I tried the one-arm snatch with a short bar and I was able to straight arm it all the way to above my head. I think it was light :-)

As for The Bear, I'm still using 10kg plates. Hey! Been sick you know! Dammit.

For the record, I'm 5'4", 120lbs.

I’m 6’1" and about 100kg. I haven’t done much Oly lifting lately due to an injured wrist, but here is what I could do 6 months ago: hang power clean 100kg for reps, power jerk about the same, 1-arm barbell snatch 53kg.

I play hockey too at a pretty competetive level. Not quite pro yet, though, but I have dreams. What would you recommend for in-season training?

I’ve done a 120kg. power snatch with a 150kg. power clean for a double. They are both a bit hard on the knees when done too frequently so I don’t think I’ll be attempting any new PR’s anytime soon.

I’m cleaning about 93 kg at a bodyweight 80kg and snatching 65. I don’t know what my jerk or push press #'s are.

BOBU, I feel the same as you back to the drawing board. Christian Thibaudeau thank you for all the articles you have written on olympic lifting both on testosterone and ironmag they have helped me a lot.

I cannot make precise recommendations for you because I never saw you train and I’m not aware of what amount of training you can handle without cutting your recovery capacity short.

I’ll tell you that my players are training anywhere from 4 times a week (University players who only have 25 games a year) to 2 time per week (pro players who play 80 games). Even pro players will sometimes do 3 or 4 sessions per week.

The load is high and the volume is low. This enables for strength maintenance without draining the physiological system. My players use 3-4 sets of 3 reps with a challening but confortable load. The whole body is worked in each session (but there is always 1 day of between each sessions), but with minimal volume.

DAY 1: a) Power snatch from hang b) bench press c) back squat

DAY 2: a) Power clean from blocks b) Incline press c) front squat

DAY 3: a) Power snatch from blocks b) Push press c) lunges (lalteral lunges for goalies)

DAY 4: a) Power clean from hang b) DB bench press c) Jump squat with 10% of max squat

hey Galvatron, you say you can 150KG? Your either very strong or your a liar.

wow on the bmi thread on the off topic forum you said your weight was 162lb, congratulations on putting on 14 pounds (80 kgs = roughly 176 lbs) in the last 16 days. What training program have you been doing? Have you been using Mag 10?

Why is 150kg not believable? I can myself power clean that weight (did 155kg at 207lbs, did a triple with 147,5kg when I was 235lbs). My friend and training partner can power clean 157.5kg at a bodyweight of 255lbs despite training on the lift very sporadicaly. A guy I trained with last summer could power clean 170kg and power snatch 140kg at a bodyweight of 211lbs (granted he was a Canadian O lifting champion). One of my hockey player power cleaned 130kg after training on it for only 4 months. 150kg is actually quite a common load in the power clean. It is still a very good lift (especially if you are under 220lbs) but nothing out of the extraordinary. So if Galvatron says he did power clean 150kg I have no reason to doubt him.

I made a mistake: my weight is really 73kg.

Hey G, i cleaned 150kg in high school. thats not really that much weight. not for someone who performs the lift often.