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Olympic Lifts / Louisville, KY

Can anyone in the Louisville area recommend a good gym (if any) for doing olympic lifts? I currently work out at the Southside Barbell Club (amazing place), but from what I can see, it wouldn’t be ideal for olympic lifts.

Also, if there’s anyone in the area that does olympic lifts and wouldn’t mind me tagging a long for a bit in order to learn it properly, that would be amazing. I’m a relative newbie, although I did learn the basics while doing crew in college.

Thanks in advance…

Hey man,

I can’t recommend much in the Louisville area, but here in Lexington there are a few gyms where they don’t care. The Lexington Athletic Club is a good place with all the equipment to let you do everything from strongman to WS thru O-lifts. Very knowledgeable staff there.

I work at the Beaumont YMCA out here and though there isn’t much here, we do have bumper plates (no platform though) and there is no problem making noise and dropping snatches from up high.

I wouldn’t mind learning more myself about the O-lifts. Even though I’m USAW, there is ALWAYS new stuff to learn.

I actually have nothing too constructive to add to your post, but just wanted to say hi to another member that is somewha local. i live out in La Grange, and have wondered the same thing myself. I have everything I need in my basement for most things (rack, bench, dumbell handles, etc) but do overhead stuff at the Y. I do hang cleans there, but they have no bumper plates o any othe equipment and it is pretty crowded. Primetime Fitness in Crestwood seems to have a pretty decent setup and would probably allow the Oly lifts, but can’t confirm.

Just out of curiosity, any interest in the Highland Games?


I just found this old post and figured I must as well update it for the sake of the forumites. At LAC in lexington there is a world class coach who will show you technique for free, as long as you contact him before hand. If you go up to the USAW website, look for the kentucky representative contact information, and you should be golden.

If you are interested in learning the o-lifts, and don’t have easy access to a coach, check out Dan John’s website, read his newsletter religiously, and he also just taped a new DVD on learning the o-lifts.

And, watch every video you can find on line on the o-lifts. There are dozens of sites. The Queensland (Australia) Weightlifing Club has alot of videos, and there are other sites too.