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Olympic Lifts In Program


I want to put olympic liufts into my program. I do the power clean from the hang, and the ground often. I'm confused how to put this into a:
1) Westside template (i just want to put a few o-lifts in it cause I hear o-lifts are good for you)
2) What rep/set schemes should I use for the o-lifts
3) What percentages should I use when doing o-lifts?
If anyone can give me some pointers and all thatd be great. THanks



  1. on max effort upper body day, you can put in hang (or power) cleans/high pulls for the rear delt/upper back exercise. maybe squat cleans for the posterior chain exercise on lower body day. on repetion day, push presses or split jerks can go in the for medial delt/trap exercise.

  2. i personally would keep the reps low, between 3 and 6, depending on the exercise. ive also seen o-lift work done in a superset on crack, for example 4 power cleans from the floor, then immediately 6 push presses after you clean the weight on the 6th rep.

  3. get up there, use as much weight as you can while still getting your desired number of reps

hope i helped


You've definately helped, I heard about keeping the reps in the 3-6rep range before also, so I'm going to go with that. Any high rep stuff I do is like DB snatches for like 30 reps, but thats for an endurance day or such.
How many sets should I be doing for the 3-6 reps?



however many westside calls for, if thats the template your following. so its probably like 3-4 or something


From my understanding, you can perform olympic lifts (i.e. cleans) as your main lift on your DE Lower Body day.


OOO wait wait wait. Okay I don't do DE days for Lower Body cause I don't think they would be that productive for me...as in I think I should just keep getting stronger before moving onto Dynamic days. So I guess Olympic Lifts would work absoltely perfect for my "DE" Lower body day!?!?!
What do you guys think?



I think they would. Beginners can get faster too.


I think you shouldn't just throw O-lifts in because you heard they're good for you. They have tremendous potential to improve power production and coordination when done correctly, but if your form is off/they're put into a program correctly, you can burn yourself out pretty quickly. My advice for now is to use them with an empty bar as part of your warmups on squat days (even jerks, they're predominantly leg strength driven). Once you get them down pat (which will take a little while most likely unless you have a coach), then start using them as DE leg thing.



I wouldn't go higher than 3 reps on any olympic exercise. Form will start to go and once your form falters, even a bit, you won't make the lift. Do sets of 1-3 reps. Say you want to do hang cleans that day, do 8 sets of 3 rather than 5 sets of 5.


I currently compete in both olympic and powerlifting meets, my current cycle goes as follows.... Im posting it in hope to both give ideas and also receive ideas:

Day 1 (monday)*sets x reps
Snatch - 2 x 3, 4 x 1 (work up)
Max effort Lower Body
Glute-ham raise
Reverse Hyper
Overhead Wide Grip Press
Hanging Pikes

Day 2 (tuesday)
Clean & jerk - 3 x 3, 2 x 2
DE Upper - 5 x 3
Pull-ups or Chin-ups
Tricep work (lots)
Rotator Cuff work (nowhere near maximal)

Day 3 (friday)
Cleans (1 week on 1 week off)
DE Squat 10 x 2
Overhead Squat 3 x 6
Good Mornings
1 legged Squat
Glute-ham raise Abdomnial work

Day 4
Push-press 3x3, 2x2
Bent-row 4 x 8
Tricep Work (4x10 or 5 x 8)
Bicep Work (3x12 or 2x15)

Questions? critique? ideas?


I second Oklahoma State's recommendation to keep rep ranges lower.

Singles, doubles, and the occasional triple are the rule for competition lifts. Often the snatch is worked for more reps than the C+J (e.g., 2 or 3 instead of 1 or 2). When multiple reps are performed, it is always advisible to reset between reps; each rep is performed as a single. When multiple reps are done in the C+J, lifters will usually perform all the cleans in sequence and then all the jerks in sequence. For instance, when I do a double at moderate load, I power clean the weight, front squat it, lower it to the floor, quickly reset, squat clean it, jerk the weight overhead, drop it to my shoulders, and jerk it again.

Check out the other threads on Oly lifting for more info. The only other bit of info that I feel at all qualified to offer is that oly technique changes substantially beyond 80% 1RM. This is by no means to say that you shouldn't ever lift below 80%; it just means that you don't use the normal Westside percentages for your speed work; a max clean, unlike a max deadlift, is still speed work.