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Olympic Lifts in BDWP

Hi CT,
I recently started on the BDWP 2, and am really enjoying the more muscular-based training and walking around with a pump all day, seems I’m a 2B after all! I think I discovered a 2B paradox wherein to seem cool to the powerlifter/strongman competitors around me, I was like “No I don’t do that bro shit,” and as a result had a crashed CNS pretty frequently. I do, however, really enjoy doing the olympic lifts and saw an older post with someone asking about adding them to this program, and this was the recommendation:

My questions are:

  1. I’ll probably cut down BDWP to 4 days a week, I think that is my sweet spot for training. In this case, I’ll be cycling through the workouts every 10 days or so. For the heavy sessions I won’t do a ramp but rather 4x1 at 90%. Is doing that for each lift once every 10 days too frequently to be in that training zone for a 2B, and if so, should I cycle through like 85-87-90% or something?

  2. I’ve seen that SGHP can be done in lieu of the Romanian Deadlift on Pull Day 1, with similar parameters. What about snatch grip deadlift, clean pull from hang, etc? Could Pull Day 1’s “heavy” pull exercise be any of these done with rest-pause or cluster reps? Maybe cycle through each for 3 weeks at a time?

  3. Can a back squat be used as an mTor exercise in place of goblet squat, or is that too much of a difference in the neurological demands?

  4. Do you recommend any other quad isolation exercise besides leg extensions for the myo-rep sets? My main gym does not have a leg extension, and all I can think of are unilateral movements like Bulgarian Split Squats or step-ups, and unsure how the myo-rep sets would translate here.

  5. We also don’t have a leg curl but we do have GHR & Reverse Hypers. Reverse Hyper seems like it makes more sense for hamstrings myo-reps? Would GHR work for mTor as well?

Thanks for any tips you can give!