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Olympic Lifts / Calories Burned


Just out of curiousity, does anyone have any rough estimates of how many calories are burned in a heavy workout of say clean and jerks? Something like heavy singles for 10-12 sets. I feel as if its an afterburn effect almost like running sprints. I tried searching google and here but I'm not that talented in narrowing down my search. Thanks


It would be pretty tough to say...depending on the size of the lifter, actual amount lifted, time of the workout, etc...

All in all probably not very many (relatively)


JMO: Not many.

The thing about the lifts is that (so long as you are lifting heavy) you're loading and unloading the body - - even if you're doing reps, you have to pause extensively between them to reset if you're using a considerable load.

Light, high-rep oly lifts (10+) are another animal altogether.


compared to other lifts, there are probably more calories burned doing 10x3 snatches or something of the like. But compared to cardio, I'm betting that it doesn't touch it. Thats my guess. With that said though, when I was playing football and o lifting heavy, I was at my leanest. I believe that this is due to the muscle mass that I was able to pack on because of the o lifts, which would be another story.


I think the more usefull effect of decently heavy weight lifting of any kind or interval training is not from the calories burned during training but the boost in metabolism after.


105.43453453 calories burned.

seriously though, the above reply hit the nail on the head.


You really can't calculate how many calories you burn accurately unless you were monitored by machines, but I do know that heavy lifting increases your RMR (resting metabolic rate) for a longer period of time, longer than cardio and/or light lifting.