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Olympic Lifts and Losing Body Fat?


Anybody got any suggestions on workout programs to lose body fat that include Olympic lifting. I am currently at about 18-20% and want to lose about 8-10%, but don't want to do a program that does not include the O.Lifts. I know diet is everything and I am working on that too. I want to choose the best possible program to lose fat and continue getting stronger in the OL. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks!!


Well the meltdown II program is comprised of a lot of o-lifts. I dont think you'd be hitting maximal loads, but it might give you a chance to work on speed.
check it out:


When it comes to losing fat, diet is about 90% of the battle.


EDT for fat loss incorporates a maximal strength protocol along with regular EDT. The program as outlined has you doing the power clean one day a week, but Charles always says that his exercise choices are not written in stone, so you could easily do clean, jerk, and snatch as your max lifts, then do assistance lifts for the EDT sessions.


Also, check around Dan John's site. He has an article there called "My Summer Fat Loss Program" or something similar that uses O lifts.


kman and Mike thanks for the help!!


Why don't you get your diet in line with your goals and continue training the o-lifts while tweaking volume.


Good idea regarding the volume. My diet isn't terrible. It's not like I eat fast food everyday b/c I don't. I actually hate fast food and rarely do I eat junk food. I just think I need to find a better workout program than what I am currently doing


I'm currently doing "100 Workouts from Ripped City" (you can search for that article) while doing a split of my own that looks like this:

Mon (Moderate 5-20)
Clean or Snatch
One-Arm Snatch

3-5 bodyweight moves, light weight and very fast reps

Wed Full-body w/Moderate weight with very fast reps

3-5 bodyweight moves, light weight and very fast reps

Fri (3x3-15)
Clean or Snatch
DB Swing

It's been 6 days, I've lost over an inch on my waist and I've maintained the same weight. Personally, I wasn't expecting to weigh the same after losing an inch of abdominal fat. I don't think it's due to excessive water weight because the weighing is done in the morning before breakfast.

I dunno, it's working so I'm sticking with it. I'm looking very thick in the mirror and after a year of doing Olympic Lifts (at low reps) my body is adapting steadily w/my higher set/rep scheme.


On second thought, Meltdown II would be a better choice. Here's the link.



I think the oly lifts are great for burning fat. Have you tried sets of 12 to 15 reps?

Very difficult to do, burns a lot of energy due to the large amount of muscles you need to use.


hehehe. Do Tabata.

j/k. Ok, sorry, I'll go now.


Cardio = Fat Loss

Not reason you can't continue to do olympic lifts as well.


Most Renegade Training programs utilize the Olympic lifts. They work well too. Check out Coach D's 16-week Fat Loss program, Sizzle or Shred.

You'll get lean quick and be able to do the Olympic lifts and their variations.


I think he is just concerned about doing quite a bit of cardio and having that effect his explosiveness for OL.


Yea, I don't want to overdo the cardio and ruin the strength gains or my 1RM(s) on the Olympic lifts or the little bit of muscle mass that I have. I am currently doing some of CT's "Energy Systems Work" specifically the 15min runs where I alternate between slow jogging and sprinting. I am doing this 3x's a week. I still want to improve on my strength and the O.Lifts, but want to use a program that would aid me in fat loss. I greatly appreciate everyone's advice--Keep it coming!!


Like a lot of people are saying, lower the weight and do more volume. You could also superset with another fairly complex lift too.

Here's an example of how I changed my own workout around a bit. Yesterday, I had only like 30 minutes to workout. In a normal 60 minute workout yesterday, I usually would have done about 6 sets of Olympics for about 2-4 reps per set, maybe 6 sets of heavy squats, and some various back excercises.

Instead, I lowered the weight and did Olympics (Snatch, with a slow, full, overhead squat in each rep) for sets of 12, 10, 8, and 6 reps. In between I was supersetting that with sets of 8 pull ups. I then did a few sets of standing overhead press supersetted with bent over rows.

I never stopped breathing really hard the entire workout and my heart rate was pounding the entire time. My traps were also burning the entire time I was doing Olys. It was a pretty intense 30 minutes, and probably great for fat burning.