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Olympic Lifts and Bodybuilding


Hi Coach,

In your article 6 Ways to Reach Your Genetic Potential you outlined a solid looking bodybuilding program (complete with exercise selection plan) that I believe will fit my schedule next term.

My question is - how would you incorporate the Olympic lifts into such a plan?
Specifically - Power Clean/Snatch (from the hang), and keeping the Snatch Grip High Pull

Thanks for any insight.

For ease of reference:
Day 1 - Back and deadlift
Day 2 - Chest and shoulders
Day 3 - OFF
Day 4 - Biceps and Triceps
Day 5 - Legs
Day 6 - Chest and Back
Day 7 - OFF


It depends on your level of mastery of these lifts. And also understand that adding these lifts in, means that you will need to reduce volume for the rest.

Day 1 - Power clean/hang, deadlift, back
Day 2 - High pull, shoulders and chest
Day 3 - OFF
Day 4 - Biceps and Triceps
Day 5 - Power snatch/hang, Legs
Day 6 - Power clean/hang (lighter), Chest and Back
Day 7 - OFF


I will just be getting back into them - it's been about 18+ months since I performed them with any regularity, so for awhile it will simply be re-learning technique (light weights, etc) so nothing to demanding to start off.

Question regarding day 2 - You wrote High Pull, shoulders and chest. Does this mean I would work shoulders first, following the high-pull? I ask because in the original plan you had chest first, followed by shoulders. I may be over-thinking it, but want to be clear on what you advise.

Also, thank you for the response/set-up.