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Olympic Lifts After Back Injury

I’m an 18 year old athlete training for a football walkon in August. I’m wanting to play defensive back. I had a microdiscectomy on my L4-L5 back in December 2008. Its been 3-4 months since I had surgery.

So far I’ve gotten back into sprinting, jumping(w/ safe landings), and lifting. I still stay away from loaded back squats, deads, and anything that requires a lot of spinal loading. So far I’ve been doing hip belt squats, leg press, bulgarian split squats, lunge variations, etc.

I’m wanting to get back into doing Olympic lifts like hang cleans and hang snatches. I’ve been debating about the safety of OLs. My PT so far has given me the OK to do them, just start out light and ease into it. For those who have had disc surgery or any other type of spine problems, what do yall think of the safety of OLs?

And what do yall think about the safety of getting back into back squats after a microdiscectomy? Would these be safer than OLs possibly??