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Olympic Lifting

hey im looking for some info on olympic lifting instruction within edmonton alberta canada. whatever you’ve got I’ll take i would like to get involved im just biding my time until i have some other issues straightened out, any help would be appreciated as a am hesitant to go it alone.

Don’t be hesitant J.Boogie. The first time I read an article about the snatch and oh squat I thought it sounded crazy.

I jumped in and gave it a shot anyway.

Then I saw a demo video of what they should actually look like and I jumped back in to fix the problems.

Then I read Dan John’s “From the Ground Up” book and find out about the heels only and bow and arrow style of pulling.

every chance you get to learn something be sure to apply it to your training.

I suppose the point of all this is just jump in and fix stuff later. Not everyone can have the perfect start so just go for it.