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Olympic lifting

Guys, when i finish my BB style routine, I really want to try Olympic lifting and the old school type lifts. Does anyone here follow a workout like this already (ideally as a natural), with exercises, splits, reps, rest etc. Has anyone done this change before - if so, did they they keep much of their hypertrophy gains? I have seen it reccomended to follow a olympic/power style workout for 3 months/year. I’ve followed a few posts on this subject here, and searched during my break this afternoon but am having trouble with the routine side. Thanks guys.

I don’t know much about olympic style lifting, but i just incorporated some dumbells snatches into my routine and they are kicking my ass! If you do it right it feels like doing a set of squats.

The thing with Olympic lifts is that there’s a lot of skill involved. You have to maintain that skill or you’ll get rusty. I always do some form of Olympic lifting even if I’m training for something else. The nice thing about Olympic lifts is that they serve as a great warmup, and if you keep the weights light you can still maintain your skill without clobbering yourself.

I think you will have a lot of fun with learning this style of lifting. If you structure your program properly, you will definately have no problems with hypertrophy and actually accentuate it with some great torso development. In faith, Coach Davies

Well, first off are you talking about the pure Oly lifts or the power variations and assistance exercises? An example of a workout focusing on pulling power would be: power cleans, clean high pulls, clean deadlift + shrug. Use a 5 x 3 set/rep format. This is just one example.

I haven’t tried snatching since re-dislocating my shoulder so I don’t know much about them. Clean & jerk (or press or push press) though I think should be done as one exercise, meaning I don’t do presses from a rack & I don’t do just cleans on their own. Keep the reps low (<=3) & lots of sets (>=5) so your technique doesn’t suffer. I’m finding that pressing often with medium weights works best. Do maybe just one really heavy/strenuous workout a week & use lighter weights for the rest.

Coach, thnaks for the in put again, youve given me some top davice so far. Thanks to Drax I have found some great books online about OL/PL (which I am putting togeather a shortlist as we speaK). What kind of structure do you reccomend - i remember someone posting about one of the programmes available on infinity? And to be honest, they look fun - and since ive added what I used to deen as ‘odd’ exercises(Prior to T-mag), I am enjoying my workouts alot more, as well as them being more effective. DRAX - it seems like you have been doing this for a while, how long have you been training this way for. Thanks again guys

DannyBoy-Back in Sept a guy at work said he was going to focus on his military press because he trains at a hardcore bb gym where all the guys bench press at least 300lbs & he’s got a 135 bench & is too embarrassed to bp. I’d just quit my roofing job & was just getting into functional/old-school strength so I decided we were going to do bwt overhead by xmas. He’s been trying to do things like 4x8 & 4x10 & hasn’t improved much, & I started out with low reps (2-4) but am now doing singles exclusively & added 40lbs in the last 2mo & a bit.

i’d stay away from the jerk. Either do the pushpress or the press. Managing the Training of the Weighlifter is a good text btw.