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Olympic LIfting with Power Bodybuilding


One of my biggest issues I have had, is finding a good way to incorporate that clean and the snatch into a power building routine. When i say power building, I mean focusing each workout on the big lifts and going heavy: Deadlift, Squat, Bench, Shoulder Press and even weighted pull ups.

Everytime I have incorporated the O-lifts, I just end up overtraining my lower back. So how would one incorporate these lifts into a 4 or 5 day a week split? Opinions?


power building eh??


What are your goals?


Are you sure you are really overtraining your lower back? What type of training split are you doing? How is your form on the lifts? Try to avoid hyperextending the lower back during the catch phase of the lifts.


IMO....select one Olympic movement and do that station first in the workout. Keep the weight just heavy enough so you have to work and do four sets of three (at a weight you could get 6-8 reps). These should not be the 'Full' movement! I prefer the 'power' style, but have known many lifters that prefer from the 'hang'. Go slow with the weight increases, these are not the priority movements. Every third week or so add five pounds.




Currently right now I am trying to build, with a five day a week split, focusing on the big lifts heavy. Im also running 4 to 5 times a week, as well as a decent amount of jiu jitsu and kickboxing. Im lifting essentially to fulfill my physique goals despite the slight counter productiveness of lifting five days a week while doing martial arts. Im taking whey, and casein (at night) animal pack, half a scoop of prework out, as well as creatine.


sigh what are you eating?


it moight help if you post your routine if you want suggestions on where to add them into your routine.....

WTF is going on here


So you're trying to be an Olympic powerbuilder runner martial artist? Nothing wrong with trying to have it all, but you'll likely have better progress in the long run if you stick to one thing at a time. Or at least several similar things.

(Or you could turn yourself into a pro athlete and spend all your time doing all those things. AND eating and sleeping to allow yourself to progress in them. And it still probably wouldn't be optimal.)

O-lifting along with "powerbuilding" sounds similar to some of CT's programs. You should check that out.


This. WTF are you thinking, Jake-who-doesn't-speak-to-me? Get real with yourself, focus on one or two goals at a time, and you'll actually get somewhere. Otherwise you'll be mediocre at all of those things, at which point you can just call yourself a crossfitter.