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Olympic Lifting With Injury?

I have a slight tear in my right knee’s meniscus medialis.

My question is, doc said I can do anything I want to except jumping and running. Is it then not safe for me to do olympic lifting? Do the olympic lifts equal jumping, at least as the knee is concerned?

I deadlift and practice my taekwondo with my injury until I get surgery, but can I O-lift?

I imagine it would be okay. If you can to TKD with no problems, I can’t see why Oly lifting should be unacceptable.

Was it the impact that he wanted you to avoid (as in, a foot in air hitting the ground forcefully), or the ballistic nature (as in, an explosive, immediate expression of force.)?

Your menisci act as shock absorbers, so until you have the surgery I would do any heavy squat cleans/snatches or jerks. Maybe you could do some light/moderate power cleans/snatches and continue overhead squats until everything is straight.

I wouldn’t do them. I am no Dr., but always better safe than sorry

Kir Dog