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Olympic Lifting while using FatGripz?


Thinks it's possible to stay remotely heavy during olympic lifts while training my grip with FatGripz? Or would you advise dropping weight?


Well what is your goal for using the FatGripz?

If it is to get better at the Olympic lifts (in technique, power, strength), FatGripz are a terrible idea.


Why on earth would you do that?

And no you won't be able to lift as much.


My goal with the grips is to just strengthen my grip all around, i have terrible hand and wrist strength and lack in forearm strength. No matter how much forearm work I do they only seem to get bigger for a day or two and then go back to normal and I can barely gain any strength in them, hence why I'm trying the grips.


what kind of forearm stuff are u doing???

Forearms are like calfs, they only grow when the rest of you grow.... so

If you grip is weak keep lifting heavy with no straps, do farmer walks, and pull-ups + L-holds. If you want to use FatGripz for deadlifts, farmer walks and shoulder presses sure go for it. You can also buy a Captains of crush gripper.

...but whatever you do don't do an Olift with a FatGripz. That would be a pure waste of time, shit you can't even hook grip the bar with that stuff.


I think this dude is on the Canadian Olympic team and he uses them


I was mainly just gonna use them when i do bicep work shoulders and shit like that, only reason im trying to increase my grip strength is to deadlift more because i can't get past 350 without the bar sliding out of my grip every time.


hum.... that's odd. Are you chalking up? When I DL (on the rare occasion) I look as if I was working on drywall due to all the chalk I use.


Ya I do chalk up but my grip still slips way to much, just feels like my hands/wrists aren't strong enough to hold it at all, can't get passed 250 on the bench either because of the wrists and grip


Have you tried Kroc Rows? Heavy, high rep shrugs? Pull ups? Any of these three exercises are sure to put some meat on your hands and arms.


Yes, but he never did the competition lifts with them, although he did mention doing pulls with them. Poliquin has something on his site about how he had female Olympic lifters increase their strength by using the men's bar, which is 3mm thicker in diameter. But that's Poliquin. I would not use them for the Olympic lifts. Deadlifting - that's a different story.


This isn't the forearm size forum pal. grip happens to be one of the easiest things to train and you'll see gains the fastest. use lots of chalk and lift heavy. use fat grips if you want but not for the o lifts.

he doesn't use them for the lifts. he uses them for deadlifts, pulls chins etc.


I read your post and the first thought that popped into my head was "This dude is NOT on the Canadian olympic team", followed closely by "Team? I think we're gonna qualify like 1 guy for London . . ." (since there's no way Canada will qualify anybody through the world championships, and for London you can only qualify 1 guy through the continental qualification events). Then I watched the video, saw the 132 snatch at the end (pretty solid for an 85er) and looked him up.

In the video he claims to be a 3 time Ontario provincial champ and a member of the Canadian national team. Well, he won the Ontario championships this year and I'm too lazy to look any farther back than that so I'll give that to him, but he's not on the national team. He was 5th in his weight class at nationals. In the overall sinclair ranking he was 21st. Canada has enough weightlifters younger and stronger than this guy that I don't think he'll ever snag a spot on any Canadian national or olympic team. He's a good lifter, but he's not crazy good. Probably why I've never heard of him before now.

Jesus, that ran away on me. Sorry about the length. Not sure why this post irked me so much I had to respond to it . . .

Oh, and as far as using the grips . . . others have said it already.


Snatching would proabably be nearly impossible with Fat Gripz. So I wouldn't advise that...
Also the bar's rotation would be bad.