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Olympic Lifting, What Rep Scheme?

 Hello, I am 17 year old and I weigh 170 lbs. I can clean and jerk 175lbs and snatch 120 lbs. I want to focus on these two lifts so I can bring my deadlift up(420 max) and become more explosive. Is this a good plan, what rep scheme should I use for sat.

Tues- clean and jerk-5x5 6rm 3min rest
Thurs- clean and jerk-10*1 3rm
snatch-10*1 1 min rest
Sat- clean and jerk-?


There's a really good template already setup at www.qwa.org http://www.qwa.org/programs/content.asp

You could always take a gander at the 4 day program and tweak it to your liking.


As the usual caveat goes, we don't see you or have any idea of how you lift, but as a 'base' recommendation would go as follows:

-The Oly. lifts are wonderful and extremely rewarding to learn, yet are not the preferred way to bring up your deadlift. If you want to powerlift, read your Westside/elitefts/dave tate.
-oly. lifters see the deadlift as a way to bring up their Olympic lifts, not the other way around...and Olympic lifters don't 'deadlift, we snatch/clean 'pull'

-At your age and probable technical experience, focus on the VOLUME over INTENSITY. For example 10x3 @ 5rm is your friend.

-Fatigue is evil, especially while learning, therefore, sets never above 4 reps.

-Frequency of practice is also essential for the OL to 'train' your body/CNS to more efficiently function.

-to actually answer your question, mix up the types of Olympic lifts based on the following:
Muscle, Power, Full
Hang, Blocks, Floor

ex. Power SN from Hang, then next day Full SN from Floor.

CT's Black Book has been a religious object for me during my 'formative' OL period. buy it

In searching for a template, look for something 'Russian' or 'American,' since that will give you a 'balanced' lifting program from your probable situation.


I don't DISAGREE with you here ... but I would feel remiss if I didnt point something out

"Interestingly, as I learned from my friend John Sullivan (an accomplished strongman competitor), some Olympic lifting can be of great value in correcting this problem because it's so dependent on proper posture. In less than three months of an intensive Olympic-lifting program, Sully took his deadlift from 579 (in competition) to 605 (in the gym) without pulling a single deadlift. When you consider the difference between competition and training maximum, this is even more significant an improvement. "

From Eric Cressey's article deadlift diagnosis. full article here:


As far as set rep schemes, get your hands on a copy of prilepin's chart, that'll show how intensity should vary with volume


If you are deadlifting 420 and you are clean and jerking 175, your work sets will be too light to be of value. Instead, do clean pulls and snatch pulls. A starting point is this: after a warmup, do 5 work sets of 2 or 3. Start off with 205lbs(after warmup) and tell me where this takes you. Add weight as it feels snappy.

As well, you can do straight-armed pulls. Same motion except your upper body resists the upward movement of the bar(you still shrug).

Hope this helps.