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Olympic Lifting Video Thread


Some OL videos I stumbled upon.


Watch out for the little chinese guys!

Please post some more if you find or have.


Watching Dimas lift is unbelievable. I keep that one bookmarked under my favorites, so when I need a little motivation. He is amazingly explosive.


Nice find. Thanks very much


These guys freak me out every time i watch.


No shit! A 14-15 year-old kid C&Jing 105kg at 50kg bodyweight. Impressive.


Here's a nice video:


Extra points for the first person to spot Dan John. At least I think it's him! :slight_smile:


great thread, thanks for the vids, great motivation.


Nope, I'm not that good looking...
And, yes, I am feeling better...


This is from my gym, anyone else work out there?