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Olympic Lifting Video/Book

I’m looking to learn how to do the Olympic lifts to increase power and explosion, because they seem to be vital to the strength coaches (Thibaudeau, Davies, Waterbury, etc.) on this site. I’m not going to have the time or money to go to a seminar or clinic though. Has anyone used the Jim Schmitz video and book they sell over at Ironmind? Was it pretty helpful in learning the lifts? And if not, does anyone know any reasonably priced books or videos for learning how to do snatches, cleans, etc.?

Weightlifting encylopedia by dreschler although i have only perused the contents looks to contain all the information you are after plus much more.

Christian Thibaudeau is planning on releasing a weightlifting video I hear. For more information, go to www.charliefrancis.com/board/ philboard_read.asp?id=1285&recordnum=20

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