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Olympic Lifting Variation for Tennis Players


Hello CT. I am currently working with a few adult tennis players during their off season. I am currently using block periodization model that will emphasize improving muscle imbalances and general strength, maximal strength, and explosive strength. For the explosive phase I was thinking about using Olympic lifting variations such as the hang snatch, one-arm dumbbell snatch, and a push press. The reason I want to implement one or more of these movements is to simulate the force curve of the athlete's arm position when he/she serves the ball. In your opinion woud these movements be applicable for that use or would it be better to use medicine balls or flex bands to address the same issue? Thank you.


Yo Truet!

Not CT, but I believe I have a pretty good grasp on his principles. I'd suggest using the medicine balls and flex bands to activate or potentiate your clients' CNS prior to having them perform one-arm OL variations followed by bilateral movements (in that specific order).

Hope this helps, bro!



Thanks for the information. Any and evry bit of guidance will help.


I think that the snatch is a better choice than the clean. Cleans can put more stress on the wrists and elbows, especially if you are not skilled at catching the bar. And tennis players are already taxed a lot in those areas. And most tennis arm action tend to do toward extension, which makes the snatch more specific.

I prefer variations from the hang or from blocks since they are technically simpler than from the floors.

I like the power snatch from hang or blocks, 1-arm DB snatches are a good idea. For push press I'd use dumbbells for the same reason why I don't like cleans for tennis players.