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Olympic Lifting Using 5/3/1 Programming?


First off, welcome to the Forum, Jim, I'm glad you have your own section now. I'm looking forward to hearing your ideas and advice.

Have you thought about or know anyone who has used your 5/3/1 prescribed progression for the Olympic lifts only? I was toying with the idea and wanted know your thoughts.


I wrote a whole article on the forum about some changes I would make to the programming - but I don't really work with any OLY lifters and it's not really in my world of interest. I love doing Power Cleans/Power Snatches and stuff like that but I have never done it competitively.

To answer your question - no, no one that I know of has used it exclusively for Oly lifting. I used it with cleans and had my best PC and will one day try to go for my all time PC record of doing 275 for 10 reps. I figure that's a good number to shoot for.