Olympic Lifting Training Programs

So I’ve recently become enamored with the whole Olympic style of lifting and have as of the last month and a half incorporated some o lifts in the five day split I am doing. I would like to see my O-lift numbers shoot up a lot but my question is would it be best to continue incorporating them into my five day split or to adopt a more conventional Olympic training program. I am having difficulty finding a legit one that has proven success but I did stumble across this one here Sample Olympic Weightlifting Routine - Sport Fitness Advisor

Does this seem a good approach. I would like to train o lifts with much more frequency. I am only doing them once a week. Also every time I do train them I work up to my 1 rep max every time trying to add more weight going for maximal effort. In the above program listed on the website they dont implement any maximal effort lifts only going to like 80 % of the max. Very interested to hear what experience oly lifters have to say. Thanks.

depends on your form.

if you have good form for the lifts then working to max is the thing to do if you want to increase your max.

if you don’t have very good form for the lifts then working to max on the full lifts will only ingrain faulty movement patterns that will be counter-productive towards the goal of lifting as much as you are capable of lifting on the olympic lifts.

if olympic lifting really is your priority then the best thing you can do is to:

find yourself a competent coach and do as they say.

it can be hard to work on different goals simultaneously (e.g., a blend of strength, olympic lifting, bodybuilding). it can be done… but you won’t make as much progress on ANY of them as you would if you simply picked one goal.

I highly doubt that his technique will be that great if he just started out.

My suggestion to you right now is to do snatch and clean and jerk every day as often as you can. Keep the weights light(up to 50% of what you can full high bar back squat in the c&j). If you can find a coach or just someone that knows the lifts(and obviously has or is doing them and has some decent numbers) that’s great, if not take a lot of videos and post them.

Every day try to figure out what you are doing wrong and find a plan on how to correct it. That is the most important thing you can do right now. Find out HOW to fix your errors and have a plan on how to ingrain the correct technique. Then you just make a lot of reps until it feels comfortable(say 5-6 triples with 60kgs per day. that’s roughly 30 snatches per day with warm ups, 150 snatches per week.) Then you move on to the next mistake that you make.

Besides that, I would also squat at least twice if not 3 times per week for a start. If you are also deadlifting then do one day front squats one day back squats one day deadlifts. The squats should be high bar(in the back squat) and full depth ALWAYS. Partials mean nothing for oly lifting.

edit: oh also make sure you do the oly lifts first thing in your training. Don’t try to oly lift after doing 12 different bb exercizes for arms.