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Olympic Lifting Training DVD


Please let me know what you think is the best training dvd for olympic lifting.
Appreciate the help!!


1998 Bulgarian training hall from ironmind


Dan John's is good, although a little goofy IMO. look for it at NorCal Fitness


What do you guys think of the Steve Miller video, "The World's Fastest Lift(the snatch)"?


That's not an instructional DVD, though, which is what the OP seems to be asking for.


Try this:



That video The World's Fastest Lift - Snatch Lift and his other video The World's Most Powerful Lift (with Shane Hammond)- Clean Lift are in my opinion the best instuctional videos for the 2 Olympic lifts. I also own Jim Schmidt's and Arthur Drechsler's video. I much prefer Steve Miller's. Each video is about is about 2 hours long covering the form on the single lift.


Thank you for the help!!!
I have the wlinfo.com book and I really like it so far...very intense, and I was looking into the video as well.
Seattle_lifter, gotta tell ya that I hear that Steve Miller DVD coming up again and again. It seems that it must be worth the money. My only issue is that I don't want it to mess up any advice from the coaching (which I believe to be excellent) that I am receiving at the gym.

My initial thought was that it could only help, but I have also heard that Steve Miller teaches a bit of a different style (more on the heels) for the snatch as opposed to a top-to-bottom style taught by the USAW.
What do you think??
Thank you again for the advice!!


I agree that Steve may deviate in a few minor points on what he believes is the best form however I would say they are pretty minor. One thing that is really great about his videos is that he shows his lifter lifting decent loads and then compares the form to world record lifts side by side. It is really inspiring to see all these fantastic lifts mixed in the video. He also acknowledges that some world record lifters use slight variations in form and points out that everyone can't lift identically.

I really don't see how you could go wrong having more knowledge around the snatch and clean technique. Knowledge is power. I also think that one on one instruction in the olympic lifts is by far the best way to learn them. No video can replace that hands on coaching.


The weightlifting encyclopedia has an instructional DVD that i hear is very good.