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Olympic Lifting Technology?


Hi, I'm an avid weightlifter, but also a computer geek. I'm aware of some camera systems for OL that track the bar speed, but how critical are they to your training success? How would you guys feel if you were able to record every lift that you do and are able to get feedback on not only how fast the bar moves, but where it moves on every lift?


I think its a neat idea but for my part id rather spend some time on getting the basic paterns and then,once a certain degree/level as been reached i would bring out ze cameras.

The other way around could work too,camera,watch form,correct with drills.


Kinovea is a freeware or open source (whatever) program that allows you to plot bar trajectory on lifts. I'm not sure if it offers velocity and height information - but I think it does. There are other programs available, too. Ones that do offer velocity and height information (e.g., Dartfish).

There are also camera systems...

Not sure what the advantage of the latter is...

There is also synchronization software that allows you to have two clips (of the same lift) synchronized so you can simultaneously view multiple angles.

There is a whole series of clips on youtube about Polish Weightlifting in the 70's. I think around clip 4 they talked about the technology they used at the time. Same basic data but the information was available less immediately since it took a while to crunch the numbers.

A good coach might have a well developed eye such that they don't need to view the lift in slow motion or view the trajectory plot or velocity information to assess whether or not something is going wrong with those components. They might be able to convey these to the lifter in a way that the lifter understands. For the rest of us I think it can be a good source of information, indeed. But then there is still the problem of figuring out what to do different in light of the information (how to fix that component).


It's neat if you do it, but at the end of the date you know what you did wrong or right if your experienced.

I know why I failed this Snatch, most often I didn't keep it close throughout the 2nd pull. Why I failed the Jerk, didn't drive off the legs enough or the Clean beat it out of me and I had nothing left for the Jerk.