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Olympic Lifting Squat Routine

Hey everyone first time in this thread, I saw the vid of the 705lb squat by the 18 year old and that was incredible.
I’ve done Smolov before and made great gains when I was 16…I squatted 430 at 183lbs (with a belt though).

I was wondering…well my best gains on squat have mostly come from squatting MORE than once a week…2-3 times a week really jacks up my squat poundages quick.

I was wondering if anyone had any olympic lifting squat routines to share…I just want to see how their volume/frequency is set-up. I don’t see myself ever competing in olympic lifting, but I do think I have the right bodytype for it.


I’ve done the Russian Squat Routine twice, both times while training the lifts first in the workouts. I followed a template similar to this:

Another vote for the Russian Squat Routine

I’ve done it about 3x now in 9yrs. I recently did it about 3months ago. I went from 187 to 201kg and thats after about 9yrs of training. I was suprised at the gains myself!

I’m going to dedicate time so I can do the Russian Squat Routines twice a year every year.


thanks for the links guys…I was wondering more though…because well these programs aren’t to be done as a program…more so for platuau breaking and such. What does a week in the olympic lifters schedual look like…do they really squat EVERYDAY…or is it more like 2x a week back squat, once a week front squat…and then sport lifts?

I’ve for the most part have squatted twice a week having no lay-offs (as in it was a program) and deload here n there and it worked wonderuflly.
I have even squatted 3x a week for months, so I’m a little confused here.

Yes you squat 3x a week if you train 3x a week. If you train 4-5x a week you probably squat 4-5x a week also!

Most lifters will alternate the back and front squats. Remember it’s a sport about lifting big weights over head. Technique GOES A LONG LONG LONG WAY but you can have perfect technique and you won’t lift jack sh!t if you can’t front squat 2x your bw! You’ll never C&J heavy if you can’t front squat it for at least 3-5 reps.

You can squat 2x a week and lift 3x a week but it depends on where you are in your training. Are you strength bound? Technique bound? Want to jack up your lifts?

Focus on the area that you need to focus on. I got under 150kg in February but I couldn’t squat up with my strength levels. I Cleaned it 2x this year and with more in the tank after working on my squats. If you have plenty in the tank then I wouldn’t squat 3x a week. Squat 2x and focus on the lift IF THAT IS YOUR ‘GOAL’.

There no real typical schedule as every coach likes to do different things. Take a look at the Oly training thread to see what other OLIfters do.