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Olympic Lifting Shoes


CT do you still recommend the power firm weightlifting shoes?
I would like to get a pair for squatting and have no idea what to get.

Thanks for your time.


Hey, not CT but we all use Adidas Power Perfect II. (£85 from amazon), they are incredible imo. they also look a lot better than most oly shoes so you don't feel like such a dork in commercial gyms haha


Second on the Power Perfect 2, just got a pair, they are wonderful. Everything feels smoother and more stable.


lol, i ve got the power pefect II too and they are great. heel could be a little higher but they are very built and look great.


I looked into the adidas and they do look great.

Thanks for the input.


@StateOfPsychosis - I ordered a pair from Power Firm a while back. They don't custom make the shoes anymore but they carry Do Win which is a solid brand. They ask that you send in your height/weight etc and a tracing of each foot. Based on that they decide what size is best. In my case they sent me two pairs a half size different from each other so that I could test out each one, keep the one that fit best, and send the other pair back. Can't beat that kind of service when ordering shoes over the internet. They are also cheaper than most other quality lifting shoes.


Wow, I didn't realize they went to those lengths to make sure you get the right pair. That sounds awesome compared to just ordering a size blind. Thanks for the review Dave.