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Olympic Lifting Shoes


Anyone know where I can get some olympic lifting shoes delivered to UAE? For something that's not like 200$


Try maxbarbell.com store :wink:


Thanks man,
They're out of stock now, but I emailed them and told them to let me know when stock comes in.
Looking forward to getting a pair

thanks again


Do-winn's are cheap (~$105) and quality. Google search will get you what you need.


I know you said you didn't wanna spend 200 but the new Nike's are pretty badass and I haven't heard anyone complain yet.



I have a pair of Do-Wins. I actually bought them in China in August whilst on holiday there (they weren't easy to find lol - lots of places selling basketball, badminton and table tennis gear and shoes, but finding a place that sell weightlifting shoes was like a needle in a haystack). Paid about 180RMB (slightly less than 30USD) - such is the advantage of buying locally!

Previously lifted in chucks, but I gotta say having a raised heel for squats is much better in terms of maintaining your lower back arch and tightness. I'm actually starting to like them for deadlifting too.

The Do-wins get a thumbs up from me.


i was squatting with plates under my heels before so I completely agree with the raised heel = lower back arch and better depth

I was waiting for maxbarbell.com to get some stock and I took my converse and go a 0.75inch heel put in and they feel just like plates under my heels. I can now hit Overhead squat depth and they look just like regular converse
I'm going to use these for the rest of the year, till i go to college in america where i can get some legit lifting shoes

Thanks for the replies everyone


And those new Nike's are pretty fucking badass, i thought they stopped making the Romaleos? I would love to get a pair when I'm in the states