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Olympic Lifting Shoes

I know hard sole shoes are recommended for standard olympic lifts like snatch and c+j where the feet don’t really leave the ground. But for power cleans and power snatches, there’s a little bit of a jump involved, and I’m worried that this could be putting a little too much pressure on my back and knees. So should I be wearing running shoes or shoes with a little more cushioning when I do power cleans/snatches? Or do I just need to clean up my form and keep wearing hard-soled shoes?

vs athletics has a good olumpic lifting shoe. I purchased them myself, $70, love them for squatting. their website has some demos for cleans/snatches with their shoe.


thx i think im gonna buy some

you jump during power versions?

do you have a coach?

There is no jump in the psnatch/pclean either. The term “jump” is sometimes used to give new lifters an idea of what they should be doing with their hips, but is invariably taken to mean pointlessly flexing your knees and bringing your feet 6 inches off the ground.

Definitely get the shoes - if you’re trying to improve power it’d be silly to have some of that power absorbed by a big squashy shoe.

Foot movement for full squat snatches and cleans should be the same as their power variations