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Olympic Lifting Shoe Substitute

I have never owned/used Olympic lifting shoes, however I do enjoy doing the Olympic lifts. I have been using wrestling shoes when I lift, specifically because they are very light and allow greater mobility. Are wrestling shoes a fine substitute or will O shoes help me out a lot more?

No substitute for Oly shoes. Get oly shoes. Wrestling shoes have no stability on the sides, and has no heel. The complete opposite of what you want.

sounds good. thanks.

I lift in a club setting sometimes and lots of guys don’t have shoes, and I tell them, get shoes asap.

Although, the one shoe I can see working kind of well, a nice dress shoe with a raised heel. At work Im always stretching out squatting and I can get into just as good a deep squat in my work shoes as my oly shoes. It makes sense because its basically the same thing, less support across the top of course.

VS Athletics has OL shoes for around $70. Not high end shoes, but they do the job. One of the best, if not the best, fitness equipment purchases I ever made. Even if you decide you don’t want to continue OL, they’re great shoes for squatting.