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Olympic Lifting Program


I was wondering if anyone can suggest a good program consisting of primarily Olympic lifts.


Hmmm. You mean like using the Olympic lifts as main compound movements and then adding exercises to fill the holes left?

Or like doing the Olympic lifts and supplemental exercises for them?

Or like using the Olympic lifts for explosive strength and other lifts or maximum strength?

Or are you just looking for OLAD?


Pick up Dan John's Book "From The Ground Up." It's a "free" (pay by the honor system) e-book on his site danjohn.org. That has a bunch of routines and all-around advice in it, it's a great resource.


You bring up some issues that I definitely should consider. I would say, I'm looking for a program thats designed mainly around Olympic lifts, with exercises added in as you said, in order to increase overall strength and muscle.


Thanks for the suggestion, I'll definately take a look at that book.