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I am a 24 year old male and have some training experience. Height 1,78 m (5"10), weight 85 kg (187 lbs) After a couple of months in a Olympic lifting club (which I can’t continue because of my work…) I just signed in at a 24/7 gym. The last two weeks I was just doing stuff and searched a new plan. But the more I read the more confused I get…

So I need a plan and hope you can help me.

How often can I hit the gym?
-> 3 Days a Week
maybe some weeks I am able to go 4 times. But 3 times are save.

What do I want? (that’s the hard part…)
-> I love the Olympic lifts so I want to continue them.
They have helped me so much with my mobility and I really like the athletic aspect of the lifts. I am able to execute them correct (no world class technique, but solid). There are no bumper plates in my gym.

-> I want to be strong
current numbers (1 rep max) of my last two weeks:
Squat: 115 kg / 255 lbs
Deadlift 110 kg / 240 lbs
Bench 85 kg / 185 lbs
OHP 50 kg / 110 lbs

Should I also train Rows for strength?

-> and I want to look like I lift
I so not need tons of mass, but a little more would be really nice. My legs are well developed compared to the rest… But mass is the least important point

What kind of program have I thought about?
I like whole body workouts and I don’t like doing each lift just once a week. I think I could do better progress by doing the lifts more frequent, because I am still a little weak.

But you are the Coach. These were just my thoughts.

(no native speaker, so I apologyse for my mistakes)