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Olympic Lifting/Power Lifting Program

I’m new to T-Nation and this is my first post. I’ve been working out, using a variety of training methods, on and off for five or six years. Over the past six weeks I’ve been training for power and olympic lifts. I spent a couple weeks focusing purely on form and technique then slowly increased weight and difficulty. I have designed my own program to fit my needs and goals. I’m looking to keep fat off, stay lean, powerful and athletic.

Any suggestions on how to improve my program would be greatly appreciated. So far I have seen gains every week and my physique has changed in a positive fashion. In addition I’m 5’9 ,175 and 21.

Here’s my program


Clean and Jerk 4x3x2x2
Clean Pull 6x5x4x3
Hang Clean 6x5x4x3
Wide Grip pull ups 3x failure


Interval training (cardio)


Power clean 4x3x2x2
Back squat 8x6x4x3
Split Jerk 5x4x3x2
Bench Press 6x5x4x3


Bodyweight exercices (Vary from week to week)


Snatch 4x3x2x2
Snatch Pull 6x5x4x3
Hang Snatch 6x5x4x3
Deadlift 6x5x4x3


Front squat 8x6x4x3
Incline Bench 6x5x4x3
Good Mornings 8x8x8
Power Snatch 4x3x2x2

In addition core is completed when ever time permits. Also I warm up for 10-15 before each day.

do you work off percentages ie %1RM? a common oly programme consists of working between 85-100% of 1RM for 1-5 reps, often periodized, so a few weeks of 5s, then 3s, 2s and finally 1s hopefully for a new 1RM, another method is the daily max effort AKA Bulgarian.

in terms of exercise selection another common pattern is A/B, A snatch, snatch pulls, front squats; B clean and jerk, clean pulls, back squats. chuck in variants as and when necessary for technical reasons or on a light/crap day eg classic lifts off high blocks, powers

Glenn Pendlay wrote an article on training for the supertotal (training for both weightlifting and powerlifting) a few years back. It’s on his web site (pretty sure I’m not allowed to post the link here, it’s not hard to find though). It’s only a 4 day a week program, but you could probably add in your interval training and bodyweight days on the off days in that program. Something you could look into anyways, and I believe there was several pages of discussion about the idea on his forums.