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Olympic Lifting Log : Part 2


This is my second log ...I'm currently finishing up rehabbing my second torn patella tendon

A little background, I've always been into sports and lifting. I'm a former D-1 athlete as well as a former d1 strength and conditioning coach- I'm fully CSCS certified as well. I have a beautiful 19 month old son who I have the pleasure of staying home with. I also coach high school track from Jan-May, so I'm not a total bum.

Height: 6'0
Weight:: I don't have a specific ideal #, I have an ideal look.

Diet: I usually eat what I want but know when to cut back, I don't count calories or anything like that - I go through these periods though were I won't care and others times I'm really strict ( I know this makes no sense whatsoever to anyone haha)

Where I train?
I train mostly at home, I have everything I could possibly need or want in our garage. Some days I will do track workouts at the school I coach at, as well as I sometimes lift there depending on practice/meet time.

I'm working on recovering from my second major knee surgery, and finally squatting olympic ATG style and not 3/4's like I was forced to before and after my first knee surgery

As of 12/3/2011
Full Cleans: 68kg
Hang Cleans: 77kg
C&J: 70kg
Hang Snatch: 59kg
Front Squats ATG: 68kg
Back Squats ATG: 67kg
Dead lifts 82kg
5K 22:27



Week 1: Workout #1 Weight: 161.6 (73kg)

Prescription from Ortho: No full lifts and light squats working on mobility and stability throughout the knee joint

AM: 5:00 am

WU: 5 x 50 Jump Rope -> Static Stretch

1x4 @ 43kg
1x3 @ 56.5
1x2 @ 59
1x2 @ 66
1x2 @ 70.5
1x1 @ 72.5
1x1 @ 75
1x1 @ 77.0( ALL TIME PR) Where did this come from?!?!?!
2x2 @ 70.5
1x2 @ 66

Front Squats ATG ~ Working on mobility and stability
2x5 @ 43kg
2x5 @ 47.5

Foam roll + stretching


nice!! and geez!! There are a few oly girls here that log--> I'm not one of them! But I'm impressed with your workout!


Thanks! You should really give it a try - Its EXTREMELY addicting...


Week #1: Workout #2


.55 Run with the jogging stroller followed by a 25 minute walk around the neighborhood....

  • We aren't going to have to many more nice days out so we need to enjoy them while we can.


addicting no doubt..also really difficult!
I tried to learn to snatch earlier this year with fuzzy results. I have a lot of respect for you oly people indeed!
looking forward to more in your log!


Week #1 Workout #3

Weight: 159 (72kg)

  • Off day from lifting, upper traps and lats are very sore

  • Ran 1.65 miles with Cam in the stroller, pushing an 18 month old is so much different than last time I ran and he was only 11 months

  • Cool downed with a .25 walk

Later today is a snatch workout...my body already hates me just thinking about it



Weight: Didn't weigh myself before the morning

The baby woke up screaming at 1:30 this morning, after awhile we put him in bed with us so we could get some sort of sleep. After that I knew today wasn't going to be an ideal training day so I decided to make it a technique day.

AM: I'm trying to keep my ever day of running streak alive and I'm using the 1:2:3 method to build up

  • Ran .55 with Baby Cam in the stroller

Warm-up: 2 x 100
3 x 50 Jump rope with some doubles mixed in - my goal is to master the doubles haha

  • Full Snatch - Very light, focus on technique - No straps
    2 x 3 @ 43kg
    1 x 3 @ 47.5

----workout was cut short after that because Cam had woken up and my husband and his father where outside doing some things around the house, but that's ok - that's life



Weight 158.4 ( I don't know why I'm dropping weight so fast, I've adjusted my eating but didn't think it would be this fast, just need to make sure I don't lose any strength)

  • Pretty sore from yesterday

  • Warm-up 4 x continuous jumps at least 50

Full snatch working on technique with no straps and light weight

1x3 @ 43kg
2x3 @ 47.5

Hang snatch With straps
1x2 @ 54.5
2x1 @ 56.5( max for the day)
1x2 @ 52
1x5 @ 43

Snatch Balances Need to work on flexibility and confidence in dropping under the bar to catch the weight in an Olympic position
1x4 @ 20.5kg (just the bar)
1x4 @ 25kg
3x4 @ 29.5

.55 mile run with Cam in the stroller


Weight: 158.6

Warm-up: 1.1 mile run with baby cam in stroller
Olympic Front Squats
1x4 @ 43kg
1x4 @ 50kg
1x3 @ 54.5
1x2 @ 59
1x2 @ 61.5
1x1 @ 68 ( 150lb) ALL TIME PR
1x1 @ 68 ( 150lb) ALL TIME PR
1x3 @ 59 ~ De-load

5x4 @ 59kg


Very cool stuff in here! I LOVE olympic lifting, and am aspiring to be a college strength coach (currently just an intern right now). Were you a track athlete in college? Which event(s)?

Keep it up, I'll being popping in from time to time.


congrats on your squat PR!! pretty good going to get it twice, as well.


Thanks Guys

@ Juniormint- I was an All- American javelin thrower, I loved being a strength and conditioning coach and truly loved working with the athletes to make them better athletes - but the pay + the work hours started to wear on me ( I was also at a top school) plus my husband and I wanted to start a family and work days that started at 4am and didn't end till 4:30-5 pm weren't very good mommy hours so we decided that I would stay home with the baby.

Now I sure as heck miss being on the sidelines every Saturday, but for us the negatives outweighed the postives ....if you have ANY questions please send me a message I will answer them the best I can.

@ Alexus - Thanks, I was pretty excitied I wanted to do more but figured I was pretty tired and there is always tomorrow.



  • Have to fill in after I get my workout book from my truck BUT I had a huge clean PR of 79.5kg or 175 lbs


Weight: 160

AM Cardio: 3 miles with the baby stroller

PM: Lifting:

Started a new 6 week program, the MSU olympic lifting program...Week 1 & 2 are relatively easy - week 3 & 4 are killer- week 5 & 6 back down for testing week #7

MSU Program Week #1 Day #1 - these are roughly 50% of my 1mr

Power Snatch
6x2 @ 32kg or 70 lbs

Power Clean + Power Jerk
6x2 @ 41kg or 90lbs

Back Squats
6x2 @ 43kg or 95



Off day from lifting

AM: 20:00 on road bike hooked up to the trainer
PM: 1 mile run in the freezing cold and rain



Weight: Didn't take it and ate like crap all day

AM: Lifting...MSUOLYP wk1 wrk2 -

Warm-up: JR 4 x 50

Hang Power Snatch
6x2 @ 34kg (75)

Hang Power Clean
6x2 @ 45.5kg ( 100)

*Still working with about 50% of my 1mr
*I'm getting anxious to lift something heavy but I know in order to get stronger I MUST MUST MUST follow the program

PM Cardio : Run 20:00 ~ 2 miles



Weight: 160

AM: Road on trainer 20:00
PM: 1 mile run



Weight: 158.8

MSUOLYM wk1 wrk 3 ( still working with 50-60% 1rm)

Warm-up: JR 4x50

Hang Snatch 6x2 @ 47.5 (105) - I struggled with these - just couldn't wake my body up ended up using straps and just went through the motions....it was also 32 degrees in the garage, we went and bought a space heater today

Power Cleans 6x2 @ 52 (115) My body finally started to wake up, these felt like and snappy, didn't use straps

Jerks 6x2 @ 61.5 (135) I honestly thought these were going to be a lot worse than they ended up...felt good putting some weight over my head again

Front Squats ATG 6x2 @ 45.5 (100) super light, super fast, super easy

Ended the session with a lot of stretching, PVC rolling and hip/back rehab

PM: Cardio: 20:00 run with Cam in stroller



  • I need to get some pictures / videos uploaded on here -this is looking to boring with just the workouts

Weight: 158.8

AM: MSUOlYM WK 2 WRK 1 - 2.1

Warm-up : JR 4 x 50 -> Plyo's -> SS -> PVC pipe rolling

7x2 @ 43kg (95)

Power Clean
7x2 @ 56.5 (125)

Push Press
7x2 @ 47.5 (105)

Back Squat ATG
7x2 @ 47.5 (105)

*Everything still feels easy and light, I know that will all change next week
*Didn't use straps at all

PM: 10:00 run