Olympic Lifting Log - Any Input Welcome

Sunday workout - 6 pullups 112.5kg bodyweight 17 stone 10lb
Clean pulls 60kg, 8kg , 100kg x 3 without straps
Snatch pulls with straps to sternum level 110kg x3 all from hang
140kg x 3
150kg x3
160kg x 3 one made height quite ugly
160kfx3 near misses
160kg x3near miss

Snatch grip deadlift with shrugs to navel 170kg x3 from hang-good form for pull (turned legs out at bottom of lift)
180kg x3 to navel or just below
200kg SND not bad for a little rounded but much better than last time. .

Took amino acids - banana 30 mins before workout and protein bar after workout 1hour 30 mins
Dinner chips air fryer and lean chicken breast and sauerkraut.

Sleep a it disturbed the night before. Energy level during workout very good. Felt sick after protein bar. Could nomlonger do chin ups so finished session.
no glute ham at gym

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Don’t think there are much olympic lifting logs around. Looking forward to see what happens.

Oh and what are your stats?

Clean&Jerk/Snatch, height, lifting background whatever.


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Cheers Ben , (btw do you wear a belt for your snatch workouts)?
I am quite overweight 240ish 17 stone 10 5 foot five 165cm . 37 years old. I am targeting the 77kg-85kg division. Hopefully I can keep most of my strength, as it is mostly bellyfat.

I have some flexibility issue Clean & Jerk and Snatch. probably about 80kg and 65-70kg .
I can’t really get the hang of the third pull getting under the bar possibly as I have not started squatting properly again . I can 100kg x 10 at the moment. I had accident squatting before and get apprehensive about chucking weight on the bar. Obviously I should be capable of a bit more. My hand strength is also a real issue , as I have smallish hands even with the hook grip.
I could at one point do 180kg x 10 to below parallel and max at 230kg a tiny bit high.

I may try a Westside approach in attempt to get the squat back up quickly.

I worked I can Clean pull 80% of my deadlift to my navel (belly button ) or above. That seems to suggest I have to get a lot stronger to get 210-220kg to that level. So I am going to try a band deadlift approach for a while . I need about 260-270kg deadlift.

Gosh I am sore all over the upperback today. I had about a week off just doing one bench workout and a 220kg deadlift without a belt. Done some walking around the house for 30 mins . I may hit the gym later for some light squats and bands bench press.

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Nope, I haven’t gotten to that stage yet. I’m pretty mediocre and I’ve only been messing around with it as of late.

I too have a wrist issue, a grade 2 wrist ligament tear from 4 months ago actually. Interesting to see how you go about it. Do you have a coach or are you trying to pick it up yourself?

Sorry to hear about your ligament tear. I don’t have a coach yet, so I have just learning from videos and books specifically Jim Schmidt’s old beginner video and Olympic Weightlifting for sports that was popular a while back. I have read Arthur Drechsler .The library bought it for me ,which was good. I have just bought Greg Everett guide to Olympic Weightlifting(which is very good ) Btw he also has a youtube channel critiquing his lifter which is very informative.

I am sure you lifts will go up , as you improve your squat. I have been lifting for 12 years on and off. So I have a few shoulder tears/irritations and some meniscus damage but nothing that bothers me much right now.

10 mins on stationary bike.

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30 mins walking
Still very sore in the traps . I think I underestimated adding a bit more volume and how demanding the Snatch Grip shrugs with 170kg, 180kg to navel were.

Wed 26 October 2016
Drove to gym.
Dynamic Effort Bench Day 75kg x3x 8 sets 20 sec pauses with a light red band.
It’s getting harder to control it as the weight goes up. It still very fast though. It feels a bit like grip work.
2 sets were 4 reps.

PM - Trying some banded high pulls and presses with a broom handle (hardened) and band tension. It’s working out a lot better than I thought by standing on both ends of bands and I suppose at least doubling the tension. The 65lb band feels around 60-70kg.

Workout- Up to 170kg from rack FAILED at 170kg unprecedented , nervous fried from bands yesterday.

From floor -Clean high pulls to chest 60 x 3,
high pulls to above belt 150kg x 3
180kg x3
200kg FAIL off floor , bands seem to have affected recovery

PM -Bands press 3x 10 reps

DEADLIFTS - on imitiation TEXAS BAR 60kg , 100kg 140kg, 190kg mixed grip , 220kg with straps good strong fast rep. 232.5 FAIL just above knees, rounded the lift a lot so gave up all with a belt.

Bench at around 80% intended 3 sets of 8 did 6 sets of 3 and 1 set of 2.
115kg with wrist wraps. FAIL . should get next week deadlift heavy was yesterday.

Deadlift with black band (25-65lb) doubled over maybe 120kg at top maybe/probably a lot less .
60kg x3 couldn’t snatch grip pull high with band
alternating snatch high pull with low band pull

90kg x 3
110kg x 3
130kg x3 failed to get height on snatch high pulls without bands,

DEADLIFT 150kg triples for 5 sets 2 min pauses . Very round back without concentrating on straight back.
Red in face like max effort pulls.
I may try a lighter red band (15-35lb ) 16kg doubled over

PM 19.00-20.00 Broomhandles and black light cheap bands Clean and press 3 x 10 x 3
two bands black cheap bands - high pulls 8 pulls can’t clean it.

for a log named Olympic Lifting log, that hasn’t been much olympic lifting haha! Will you be adding them in soon or?

I will do some soon , it will light stuff so I can practise catching the weight.

The above was an OL workout though. I am going to give Simmons band method a go. I can’t see anything else adding 10kg to my snatch pull or clean pull perhaps the risers. I haven’t acquired one yet , so I may just stand on plates. Everett says not to do so in his book , as it is not good for the plates.

MONDAY- Bands 3 sets of band clean and jerks
Band Muscle snatches 3 sets of 8
Band Snatch pull and clean pulls , as heavy as I could.
A lot end being upright rows often. I am still getting the hang of it.

I got a sore neck yesterday and traps , low back a bit too probably from the muscle snatches and the deadlift with the black band . 150kg x 3 x 5

Used all bands for some deadlifts with bands alone . Works out to 300lb without having doubled up each end , which I have. No real way of knowing resistance ‘using the standing on them method’.

May hit gym later.

TUESDAY- Bench speed day 50% ish +small red band 35lb
8sets of 3 with 10-15s rests

Chin ups x 6 bw x5 x 2

OLYMPIC LIFTING CLEAN PULLS FROM RACK sans belt 60x 3 high 110kg x3 high 130kg x 3 lower
150kg x3 low to belt 180kg x3 to belt 200 fail or very much lower than belt x1.

Bands results so far are very disappointing.

I injured my shoulder yesterday. The bar hit the rack and flew up and came down uneven. Possibly as a result of using non-matching straps.

WEDNESDAY DEADLIFT session 60 x 5 100x 5 140 x 5 180 x3 232.5 x1 PBfairly easy lift 235kg fail off floor. Someone walked by me as I was lifting and it put me off a little. Mostly though I only have one big lift in me. Deadlifts were on a power bar. A cheaper one I think.

Glute ham raises 3 sets of 8 not bad until the end of the sets. I am getting quite good at them. This was after the deadlifts too.

Helped to build wall today , so passed items and carried a few blocks not demanding mostly.

Sunday deadlifts
60 x5 100x5 140 5 felt laboured 180 felt ok a bit laboured got 235kg off the floor but nor far tried again didn’t shift failed also 220kg

labouring taking more out of me than I thought . failed on 220kg off floor too. Did some travelling on weekend and ate and drank more than I should.

Height of the pull comes from displacement of the barbell. Displacement is largely a product of the power you generate to the bar at each phase of the pull. Optimal loading for power development (based on the most recent research) in the clean is as follows:

From the floor - 80%
From hang - 70%
From mid thigh - 60%

There’s limited research to suggest optimal loading for the snatch, the movement is largely the same (prior to the catch phase) with a few alterations in positioning. Therefore you could assume similar percentages. Also, note that there is no significant differences 10% either side of each of those loads. So technically it is:

From the floor - 70-90%
From Hang - 60-80%
From mid thigh - 50-70%

Hope this helps.

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MONDAY - shoulder and bicep strain from weekend.
Clean and presses with bands 3 sets of 10
clean pulls 3 pairs of cheap bands to sternum 4 sets of 3
clean pulls with 4 pair of cheap bands . to above navel

Mid back can really feel the work.

It was meant to be easy work lol.

I will start aggressive dieting now.

Breakfast Weetabix and four pieces of toast with peanut better. One coffee

Aminos and ZMA and creatine before workout
TUESDAY AT GYM - snatch high pull 60 x 3 , 100 x3 , 130kg 3 sets of 3
very fatigued. FAILED 140 high clean pull . so QUIT WORKOUT can normally do 150-60kg
I think I will quit the bands workout but maybe use the bands contrast method at the gym.

Bands by themselves appear to very neutrally fatiguing not a lot of muscle soreness is present. Shoulder is still a little tender but survived workout.

Pracitsed trying to close bullworker

WEDNESDAY - Breakfast cheese sandwich and Weetabix, lunch ham omelette.
Had to use an inferior bar today , as other was in use.
Clean pulls - 60 kg x 3 110kg x 3 140kg x3 , 160 3 sets of 3 , 170x3
was meant to be 150kg 3 sets of 3 but forgot I used a 25kg plate instead of 20kg

Glute ham raises 10 reps not bad 6 reps tired 6 reps tired 2 reps
10, 6, 6 ,2 =24 reps.

Strength is down a bit . I will use band contrast method next week.