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Olympic Lifting In Saint Louis?

Where Can I learn and train in Olympic Lifting in Saint Louis Missouri? I’ve heard of, Saint Louis Weight Lifting Club, but haven’t been able to find any information on then.

I had to look these up earlier this summer and this is all i found for olympic weightlifting in St. Louis:

The Lab

Velocity Sports:

Lift for Life

Kirkwood Weightlifting:

Lindenwood University just got a Varsity Weightlifting team:

I imagine the various Crossfit locations in St. Louis would be able to hook you up as well.

Check out this link:


I went to Kirkwood Weightlifting Club, I sent them an email and noone responded. So I stopped by, they are based out of a middle school.

I go in the Middle School, and I ask the front office about the club, and the little treated me like I was were a molestor lol. She said the club is for little kids only, well if you go to their web site it says otherwise.

I checked it out the otherday, the guys were real decent, somev ery competitive and strong 14 year olds out there. It is like something out of Eastern Europe smack dab in the middle of the mid south.