Olympic Lifting in Halifax, Nova Scotia?

Just wondering if there are any clubs or groups training primarily in olympic lifts?


Not that I know of, that’d be sweet though, haha.

Ah Shit. Oh well. Thanks for the reply man!

I thought you meant Halifax in England :stuck_out_tongue:



My best bet is for you to goto your local university. If your in the Metro Area, goto St. Marys or something like that. Just goto a school with a great (Lol, SMU.) Football program and they will have a facility that allows O-lifting. Especially if you goto Acadia University, they have platforms for O-lifting, powerlifting, everything. It’s really quite convenient. Top of the line stuff, too with great atmosphere, man.

Good luck!

Hey Iron,

I have been working out at SMU and have been cutting my playing weight(former O-lineman) and have been doing some oly lifting at high reps in order to help me. Just wanted to see if there were any formal groups in the area to give me some pointers!

Once I get some more weight on the bar (So I don’t look like such a wuss) I will probably post some vids for critique on here!


Do you have a local crossfit? A lot of crossfits are weightlifting friendly and more and more have people who compete or are interested in it.

I have a my mate who is an Oly coach who has a huge disgust for crossfitters LOL. They can’t stop doing loads of reps LOL. His opinion, not mine!