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Olympic Lifting in Canada?


Hey coach, was hoping you could give me a hand.

I'm interested in starting olympic lifting, after I'm recovered from my recent surgery, where could I go about finding a coach in atlantic canada?


Depends how Atlantic you are. I assume you mean Nova Scotia, N-B, P-E-I and N-F, but if you are close to Quebec, you can go to Centre Claude-Robillard where Pierre Roy is coaching. It doesn't come any better than that in North America!


Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be an option at the moment. Nothing further east?


Unfortunately not! Hope Chris or someone else can help


which province you in? I'm sure you can find something in Halifax...


Surely, the Maritimes used to be pretty strong country-wise in olympic lifting.

My friend, and former client Manos Volikakis might still be in Halifax (well St-FX) as he was the strength coach for the St-FX football team for a while. You might want to try and look him up.


Newfoundland Weightlifting Association
David Adams, president