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Olympic Lifting Gyms in Pa


so i pretty much fell in love with the sport when i discovered it. i tried to train at my house but it just wasnt practical. does anybody know of any oly gyms in the lower bucks county/philly area?


Do you live near Bridgeville or Littlestown? Two clubs exist there. You can email the coaches and see if they know anything, they are all usually pretty nice and willing to help out.

Bridgeville - PITTSBURGH BBC - Regis Becker - (412) 276-7905 - regis.becker@verizon.net
Littlestown - EAST COAST GOLD - Leo Totten - (717) 359-5317 - leototten@comcast.net


Good luck.


those two locations are too far but i found a couple locations on the east coast gold website that i'm gonna look into. thanks for the help


You might want to try Ironsport gym in Glenolden (Delaware county). It may be more strongman/powerlifting though.


I live in Bethlehem (Northampton county) and that's the only one I can think of near you. Worst case scenario you could find a crossfit affiliate and they should have bars, platforms and bumper plates to do the lifts with.

I would definitely look into proper coaching if you really want to pursue it.


One of your best bets is the Moorestown Club you probably saw on the ECG website. A lot of good lifters train there including some top ranked (US) ones.


I train in Moorestown...it's not too far from Philly, the coaching is top-notch, and it's really cheap.


yeah im deffinately going to look into it,and the distance isnt that big of an issue or wont be come december when i get my license


Will you be competing next Saturday?


Hey this is great info....anyone have something for North East PA
I weekend and have a summer house there.


Yes indeed.


Nice, what weight class are you weasel man? I'm an 85.


Try this place in Dunmore: http://kingjoesgym.webs.com/


That place looks awesome, thanks for the link.