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Olympic Lifting Form - Is This Normal?


When I watched her second attempt, I gasped in horror. Is this as frightening to anyone else? Can someone please clarify to me how clean Powerlifting form ought to be? Seriously, to me it looks like this woman's knees are going to crumple one day very soon...

I don't know much about powerlifting, which is why I wanted to ask you all.


When you're a world champion in your weight class attempting a max attempt at an international competition, your form may not be 100%.

And its Weightlifting, not powerlifting.


For competition that form is fine, whatever gets the weight up gets the weight up. But, technically she isn't contracting her glutes enough, which is why her knees are buckling inward. It just means her arse is her weak-point... not that her arse isn't fiiiiiine!


Lol, thank you, it makes me feel better about her. I was truly frightened! I have been reading a lot lately about knees drifting inward while coming up from a squat postion having the ability to cause major knee damage.


still stronger than you though.

........and me



What you see are some of her muscles firing in a funky way. She is clean and jerking 1.9X her bodyweight.

Issue??? doubt it... Her coach will know.


Its definitely not a good habbit to get into in training. But come competition time, whatever gets the weight up goes.

I know a german guy who's been lifting for 10 years, who went to an elite highschool for german athletes. And he STILL lets his knees fold inward during a heavy clean. He's also got early signs of a chronic knee injury. Are the two related? Dunno, but its pretty likely.

So yeah, its not recommended for most people.


It's still not a good thing: you, for example, who is not cleaning 1.9x bodyweight for competition, should not consistently have this problem.


Pft, how do you know I'm not? J/k, I only squat my body weight, let's not even talk about how much I can clean & jerk. ^^


His knee problems could just as easily be a result of the 10 years of hard training i nan elite highschool.... Just saying!


Sibel's doing alright...Competing at an international level for 10 years, European champion again last month, powered her second snatch...If she scares you you should check out some Armenians.


well youre a woman so you should be able to clean pretty well. handjobs are lame though so it doesnt really matter about your jerking abilities.


I will not be manipulated! I will not call you a misogynistic sob! I won't! I won't! I won't! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




It is really easy for women to suffer from knee's collapsing inward on squats because of a larger Q-angle [angle of their hips/femur attachment to knee alignment].

So try and avoid it in training with proper glute firing and efforts to strengthen Front Squat form.

But at comp weights you can always spot the weak points of lifters. At 105% you wont be making it look easy [although some do].