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Olympic Lifting for Pro Wrestling

So I feel like as a wrestler, oly lifts should be a goal of mine to improve for bin ring performance. I also need to continue my bodybuilding style training to get the comic book look…so how’s this sound?

3 or 4 sets of 2 of 2 oly lifts everyday before my bodybuilding stuff…

Sunday-front squat, hang snatch.?quads
Monday-push press,back abs shoulders
Tuesday- hang clean. Chest traps
Wednesday-high pull, arms abs
Thursday- low pull glutes and hams
Friday- push jerk,shoulders and back
Saturday- no oly but still do chest and traps

Looks like one oly a day not two


hey for wrestler performance i would do more power clean and power jerks some powersnatch push press and high snatch pulls and front squat is the key and 2s a mount deadlifts all high rep from 3 to 6 reps