Olympic Lifting, First Cycle

I am looking for advice on a first cycle. My goals are to improve strength numbers, while staying around the same weight. I am 5’10" 210 pounds at 15% body fat.

Some of my strength numbers now:
Back Squat: 430
Snatch: 250
Clean & Jerk: 300
Deadlift: 475

What are your goals as far as strength - do you want to compete?


How old are you?

My first response would be to advise you to wait. Your numbers, while respectable, don’t warrant cycling yet, in my opinion, and I’m not very well versed.

But, I think you have room to improve before short cutting. There are several dudes on here that have better numbers at lower weight that do not cycle.

I’m certainly not one of them, so I would wait for other opinions.

If you do decide, read the first cycle thread, and follow it religiously - it’s gold.

Go as far as you can natural, you are not their yet , this is a good thing. Doing a cycle is not going ti make olympic team. Olympic lifting is a lot of technical skills , become a squating machine, with alot of pulls and jerks.
Steriods due hurt flexibility a little and increase injuries.

I appreciate the feed back. I need to keep progressing naturally