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Olympic Lifting Effects

Hey wsup guys, I just recently started olympic lifting as recommended by many of you guys on this site. Keep in mind that I’m 15 and looking to improve my overall athleticism.

What I’ve noticed so far:

  • Catch portion of cleans are by far the most difficult. I can easily pull about 135 to about just below chest but can only clean 115.

  • Balance is extremely important in these lifts.

  • They are extremely draining on the CNS. Although I felt great right after doing them, I felt shot the next day.

My question is, does anyone else feel tired the next day? And did anyone notice significant gains in vert and speed from them? Thanks

There are times when I feel drained, but thats pretty much only after I have a really hard lift and im feeling really good. I have noticed some speed and jumping gains. More than anything, it was the development of my posterior chain and hips from doing other things ( I needed a change of pace). So ya I have noticed gains at them.

Keep working on those lifts. Try doing hang cleans and snatches to help with the scoop on those lifts. the first couple times you do them, they’re a bitch but you get used to them and they end up helping with the scoop or catch.

The scoop is indeed a “bitch” but worth it, even thought I still just barely hit it on power cl and Sn.

After a few months of Cl and Sn My gymnastics coach/spotter/buddy was like :

“Holy shit, when did you start jumping this high?”

so back flips etc are much easier. recently I’ve focused on the clean and front Sq. I know I could clean more if I could do a full clean and come out of the front Sq without shitting my pants.

You will notice mad gains in power/strength/speed. But if you are concerned about looks then pair it up with a set of “support training” (aka. rows, reverse curls, calf raise etc.).

have fun “getting it up.”