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Olympic Lifting Course

Just got back from a USAW Club Coach Course. Just wanted to give a brief review of the experience. I thought it was one of the better courses that I have ever taken. The guy who ran the course competes himself and makes his living by training local athletes with programs centered around Oly lifts and the related exercises. Lots of hands on lifting and work with the progressions. He made the lifts very teachable and had good advice on becoming proficient in learning and learning to coach the lifts. I came back very fired up from the experience. I can definitely see training for weightlifting competitions could become very addictive. I had to change my mindset for the technique for the Oly stance squats. I have been using Dave Tate’s 8 keys WS type program for the last 3 months, so it was a signficant change. I personally would recommend this course to anyone with an interest in oly weightlifing. I have read tons of books and watched videos to learn them, but nothing beats hands on quality coaching for these lifts. Would love to hear feeback from anyone else who has taken this level course or any of the higher level courses.


whats the web site were I can find shedules for the course?


The course is awesome. The only cert. I’ve taken that had any relevant info. I’m lookin into their “Sports Performance” coach cert. but there isn’t one even close to me for about a year.

I talked to the them when I took the course last year. They said if you can get a min of 10 guys that want the sport performance course, they’ll come in and do it. I dunno if they still do that, but I don’t see why they wouldn’t.

It definately was a good course. I wanted to learn the lifts correctlly, so what better place than the olympic center. I’m hitting Pavel’s Kettlebell course in April.


can you take it even if you dont know how to perform the lifts??
I mean I do them…but my form sucks at best…

what about the sports performance one?

are there any requirements for it?

Flash, you went to the OTC? Bastard!:wink: Can you elaborate on your experience? That’s uber cool, but it’ll be a while before I can afford that.

What was the experience level of the others in the course?
Thanks for the info guys! Great thread!

I was on deployment for a homeland security mission, and we happened to be put in the Colorado Springs area.

Most the guys in the course either had no clue about the lifts(like me) or were coaches and trainers looking to get the best training for their athletes. I kinda stumbled on it. The last month we were up there I called the OTC and asked what courses they had to learn the lifts, since I had never done them, I wanted to learn from the best.

So to answer your question you don’t have to have any experiance with the lifts. Most the guys in my class had little if any experiance.

If your ever in the CO springs area be sure to go there. I wanted to find t-mag to go check them out, but never got a chance. I think I’ll be moving back there this summer though. They have four seasons up there!!


The guys that took the course that I was at were mostly strength coaches. Some had little experience with the Olympic lifts. Others were using them in their program. Everyone, including the guys that were already using them, had significant flaws in technque. This course was extremely beneficial for personally learning the lifts as well as developing an eye for how to coach the lifts.