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Olympic Lifting Clubs in Rochester, NY


I'm looking for an olympic lifting club in the nearness of Rochester, NY. Nearby would be considered within 30 minutes from the city. I can't afford to buy all the training equipment on my own, so I need an area where I can pay a membership fee instead. I'd like to join a smaller group, which shouldn't be a problem since olympic lifting isn't mainstream..


Funny, I am gonna be going to Rochester in two months. I heard that RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology) may have a place for OL, but am not sure.


RIT has an olympic platform with bumper plates. A sign in front of the platform reads, "No overhead or olympic lifts." Enforcement depends on who is working at the time. Some will let you do what you want others will make you use the full rack where they allow overhead lifts.

It's obviously not the friendliest environment for olympic lifting, so if a specific club for the lifts is what you are looking for I would check elsewhere.


The only problem with RIT is that I doubt they would let a HS student in to use their facilities.


Why the hell do they have bumper plates and a platform then?? Just for deads? No overhead lifts? I can't believe how fucking stupid universities are getting...so damn worried. My old school used to have about 5 power cages in the public weight room. Just found out from somebody who goes there now that they replaced them with ALL smith machines. They don't even have barbells anymore!! Shakes head


I know a national-level oly lifter that lives right here in Henrietta. He's going to be your absolute best resource in the area if you are looking to really get into oly lifting. Aside from him, you're going to have to travel to Buffalo if you want any kind of good instruction.

As far as a gym w/ bumper plates, RIT's prices are very reasonable for gym memberships-- like others have said you'll have to oly lift within a power rack... but it is a pretty generously sized powerrack, and unless you're terrible at lifting you probably won't have a tough time with it.

Alternatively, the national-level oly competitor would probably let you work out with him at his house if you aren't an asshole.

PM me for his contact info.


I'm just as annoyed at it as you are but you have to realize it isn't as much stupidity as liability.


Alternatively, you could just walk into the varsity gym and do powercleans at will, with no membership. I sometimes do that-- there's rarely anyone in there, and they never check to make sure you're a varsity athlete or that you even go to RIT at all.


Yeah, I know..just venting.


I like to just take the sign off and play stupid if someone says something to me...
This will only work so many more times though.