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Olympic Lifting Burnout + BB Noobie


Hey guys, I'm new to bodybuilding and looking for some guidance! Ex olympic lifter because of a back injury.

Training for 4-5 years, started normal gym/isolation training this summer!

22 years old
198lbs (down from 206)
BF% 14-15

Neck 17.5
Chest 42
Waist 35
Arms 16 (17 with a pump) (What one counts?)
Forearms 13
Legs 25
Calves 16.5

Lean out
Balance proportions, bring up weak areas
I just learned how to train back a few weeks ago, the difference btwn moving weight and feeling the muscle.

Was watching some rich piana videos and sort of realized I don't have the proportions to be a bodybuilder because of waist size, but would still like to do as much as I can with what I have!


I have no idea how to pose