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Olympic Lifting and Shoulder Injury

Hi guys

I had a shoulder tear a few months back but with physio and rest is all good now (as good as such injury can get) and i have returned to lifting weights preety much in a “normal way” without much shoulder pain except for the shoulder press which kills is very painful

However the lifts i enjoy the most, the ones that make me feel very good are the deadlift, the clean & press and the high pull,the deadlift Im doing ok and i even feel it’s helping my rehab (mite be just coincidence?) but Im still not confident with the high pull and the clean & press

I have run out of physio appointments so i can not longer ask him for advice. I’m still not confident with the cleans and the high pulls i havent even tried them since my injury because Im afraid i might fuck my shoulder again ,so my question is:

Am i right in being cautios about those lifts?,or am i just being a little girl?,please advice me bcos in as much as i wanna reintroduce those lifts to my routine and still afraid of reinjuring myself cos it would be too bloody sad to start all over again should i refuck my shoulder

pls feel free to be brutal i will appreciate the advice

Thnx guys