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Olympic Lifting and Hyperlordosis


I’m a O-Lifter and my lower back bothers me. I can front and backsquat ass to the grass without rounding the back and do the good morning stretch with my upper body slightly under parallel to the floor. But if I try a toe touch, I’m barely able to touch the floor with my fingertips, since even if i try to round my back, my lower back stays arched. Even if I seem to have hyperlordosis, my shoulders are pulled back, so I don’t fit into the normal neanderthal posture, the problem seems to be my anterior tilt pelvis. My hip flexors seem to be tight, so I stretch them regularly, my abs get strengthening by some Russian Ballet Thrusts, but I don’t now how to train my glutes without putting more strain on the spinal errectors, making the problem worse. I’m also searching for effective stretches for my lower back. My typical routine starts with snatches, cleans and jerks, goes to squats and ends with some ab work and stretches. I’m searching for glute exercises, which do not interfere with my o-lifting since things like RDLs simple are to much for my back after that routine.


Focus on activating your glutes with exercises like supine bridges and really concentrate on your glutes when lifting. Doing so has helped me tremendously (thanks Eric and Mike!).

One of my favorite exercises is the reverse hyper. It trains the hamstrings and glutes with a minimal stress on the lower back. Also, I feel it take some of the stress off the lower back that can be caused by all the OL and back squats. Unfortunately, my gym took it out to clear room.