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Olympic Lifting and Assorted Fun

Time to stop lurking and to start contributing.

Age : 23

Weight : 208-211 morning weight, Bodyfat: Won’t guess without a shoe

Background : I played football and wrestled in high school and did some Olympic Lifting during the spring. Then came the dastardly combination of…END OF SENIOR YEAR LAZINESS + SENIOR FREE PERIOD + McDONALD’S/TACO BELL/ HOOTERS/ COLDSTONE.
Mild fleshiness and complete lack of physical shape resulted, and I was aimless for a bit.

I started lifting again when I got my shit together and went to college at age 20. I spent a year doing “general fitness”, then I got back into Olympic Lifting.

My lifts at 222 lbs with terrible form in May were: 275 lb bench, 107.5 Kilo Snatch, 120 Kilo Clean, 115 Kilo Jerk, 335 lb Front Squat

I then cut down to 214 with the Rapid Fat Loss Diet as a Category 1. I managed to lose another four pounds when I reverse dieted out of it (added 50 g carbs per week). I then went to see Midwestern relatives who fed me like a calf being prepared for slaughter and gained some back. Cut down again the past three weeks with Pro: 200, Fat 100, Carbs 200 on training days (with a cheat meal on Saturday training day) and a PSMF day following the cheat meal. I stopped that when I realized it was really stupid for my current goals. I’ll probably do another quick RFL stint around Thanksgiving break for vanity sake, and so that I can pig out for a day or two without consequences.

Current goals:
MAIN GOAL: Undo some bad techniques I ingrained in myself due to coaching techniques that did not work for me, and lack of consistent coaching. Progress so far has been excellent. I had a bad habit of not staying over the bar long enough which caused me to pull with my arms, thereby limiting power. That habit has mostly been destroyed.
SECONDARY GOAL: Increase conditioning so that I can perform better in Oly training, and not vomit and die during intramural season.
Current lifts at 208-211ish : ? bench, 105 Kilo Snatch, 125 Kilo Clean, 130 Kilo Jerk, 305 lb front squat, push press…lol
None of the Olys were too difficult, I am expecting 5-10 more kilos when I max out in two or so weeks.

Highlights of the past few days of training:

Thursday 7/18 : 130 Kilo Jerk, epic PR
Friday 7/19: Clean complex of Pull, Squat Clean, Jerk up to 245 lbs.
Sat 7/20 Nothing
Sun 7/21 10 hill sprints

Monday 7/22 HOLY CNS BURNOUT. Barely snatched 100, did a bunch of technique work.
Tuesday 7/ 23 Neural Charge.

Today, Wednesday 7/24

Still feel some CNS fatigue, so we took it to moderate weight and focused on technique mainly.

Clean complexes:
A couple complexes of power clean, squat clean, front squat, jerk
Then we changed it to 2x squat clean, front squat, jerk
Finally, ended with clean and jerk at 115

Clean Pulls at 125

One set of liftoffs at 125.

Push press up to 75 kilos for 2 x 5…weak shoulders are weak.

Overhead supports: It was my first time doing this, so I practiced with 185 lbs.

Then i went home and ate everything.

Recovery Supps: 5 g double streng fish oil earlier in the day, 2 scoops SWF pre-workout, 2 scoops whey + 5 g creatine post workout, ZMA pre-bed.
Recovery Activity: 2 min each leg of hip flexor stretch, hamstring stretch. PVC Roll IT Bands, baseball roll hammies

I’m going to really increase my recovery work over the next few weeks. I divide my life into 4 spheres: Intellectual/School, Training, Fun, Relationships. If I create a new habit or change, I will focus on no more than one per sphere. For the next month, I will be including a neural charge session in the AM every day. After that I am going to buy a rumble roller and make diligent soft tissue work my next habit.

Neural Charge: 4 rounds of 2 vert jump, 5 53lb kb swing each arm, 5 close grip plyo pushups, 5 goblet squats w/ kb

Evening Training: Only had 40 minutes, so this is what i did.

Snatch up to 215 lbs (96 ish kilos)

Modified Klokov Complex (Subbed in pull from the floor, and power jerked the weight as it got heavier)
Snatch Grip Deadlift
Snatch Pull
Power Snatch
Snatch Grip Push Press/Power Jerk
Overhead Squat

All for singles, worked up to 195 (88ish kilos) for two sets.

Recovery: Jack

AM: Neural Charge

2 Vert Jumps, 3 hang power snatch with 95 lbs, 5 25 lb ball med throws, 1 vert jump, 3 incline plyo pushups
x 5

PM: Olympic Lift session

Complex of pull, squat clean, front squat, jerk
up to 245 lbs, for single reps,
did a second set, lost the jerk

Clean pulls

up to 295 X 3 X 2

Push press:

up to

155 X 5 X 2 :frowning:

One set of lift offs w/ 3 second hold at top , 315 lbs X 3

One set of GHRs on my school’s shitty GHR for 10 reps

Neural Charge:

2 vert jumps, 135 lb hang clean and power jerk, 3 overhead med ball slam, 5 heavy KB swings.

4 rounds