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Olympic Lifting Add-On Program 24 Video Links?

I just purchased to Olympic lifting add-no program and am really excited to learn to snatch and clean and jerk with proper technique.

The page of the add-on said that it came with 24 videos. After the a purchase the receipt page says most of the exercises are in the exercise library but there is no link. There is another link to an external resource but there are lot of different videos there that don’t line up with the program.

Is there a link or set of links for the videos for each of the exercise in the program?


I’ll contact my staff about it. I did send them the videos last week. So it should be fine.

Awesome, Thanks!

The videos should be available in your hub. Note that some videos are still pending because of technical issues, but most should be there

Great thank. Looks like they are there. Stoked to start practicing!

Hi, are these new videos or the links to year old video by CT?

New ones