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Olympic Lifter Won!


The norwegian (former) olympic lifter Stian Grimseth settled with Universal Nutrition in the case where Nandrolon was found in the Ribose supplement. None of the parties involved is willing to go out with an exact number, but sources tells that it is atleast 6 figures.. Great that Grimseth finally won!


I was not aware of this. Could you provide any background or links? Cheers.


I have most of the information in Norwegian. The background i can do:

Norwegian Olympic Lifter Stian Grimseth got caught in a drug test for using the substance Nandrolone. Reasearch showed that he got the nandrolone into his system by using Ribose from Universal Nutrition. After years of legal battle, he now "won" and Universal Nutrition settled with giving him quite the nice sum of money!

I'll try to find background info in english.


Thanks for that, Adamsson. It's a bit scary to think supplement companies may be sticking steroids in their products.


I bet Universal's Ribose sales will go up once this news hits the guys doing curls in the squat rack.


I bet Universal's Ribose sales will go up once this news hits the guys doing curls in the squat rack.


Not being a steroid connoisseur, I did a little search for nandrolone and found this short but interesting article:


Here's a short excerpt concerning reasons for possible false positives [emphasis mine]:

The findings are that dietary supplements themselves are harmless and produce no increased levels of nandrolone. Exercise alone, too, doesn't cause any problems. But a combination of both dietary supplements (none of which contain a banned substance) and exercise, can result in a positive nandrolone test. The reason for this is still unclear, but one theory is that there is a link between heavy training, the dehydration that goes with it, and their effects upon the components of high protein diets. Until more work is done, however, the 'nandrolone mystery' goes on...


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Rumor mill anyone?