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Olympic Lift Routine?


Hey T-Nation members! Ive been doing alot of bodybuidling training and have realized that powerlifting/strength is where its at.

I was hoping that those who regularly lift with olympic lifts could give me a routine or an idea of what they do. I have 4 days a week to train.

If it helps, Im 5'9, 178lbs @ 17% bf.

Thanx all!


I would look for an Olympic Lifting gym/coach in your relative area and meet up with them and get started that way, if your serious.

the o-lifts take time to learn properly. I've been doing them for about 3 months and I still have another 4 or so before I think I'll have the form mastered and memorized.

If your truly serious about it, go to an olympic gym.


Yes, get a coach if you can, and be prepared to train with weights that Chinese girls laugh at while you learn the lifts.

Check out the list of clubs at Ontaria Weightlifting: http://www.ontarioweightlifting.ca/clients.htm

Also check out the O-lifting log on this site: http://www.T-Nation.com/tmagnum/readTopic.do?id=1447538

Finally, squat. Lots!


Ninearms, you got that right. I am into my second month and am still lifting light weights, especially for the Snatch. Got to swallow your ego.

Forget about learning on your own (unless you really cant find a coach). If you ABSOLUTELY must train alone, I recommend the following DVDs:

The World's Most Powerful Lift: Clean
The World's Fastest Lift: Snatch
Both are put out by "World Wide Coaching"

Very detailed (and a bit dry...there is even an engineering professor at the end going over the physics and mechanics of the lifts) and a goldmine of information. You can get it form Craig's Muscle World at http://www.crainsmuscleworld.com .Sometimes it is not posted on their website so you will have to call.

The other DVD and training book to get IMHO is Jim Schmidt's "Olympic Style Lifts". You can get that from the above place or Ironmind.com. It's got the routines you need. The DVD goes over the lifts and a bunch of assistance exercises as well. It's only drawback is sometimes it does not spend enough time on one particular lift.

Another resource (and maybe the best way to find a coach in your area) is to go to the Olympic Weightlifting forum at http://www.goheavy.com . You can post questions and ask if anybody knows a coach in your area.

Best of luck!


You could also try Dan John's 'From the Ground Up.' Excellent teaching resource that breaks down the snatch and clean into simple steps.