Olympic Lift Program for Rugby?

Just recovering from a AC joint injury and looking forward to getting into some olympic lifting to increase power and strength for footy, any hints on exercises and what sort of split and intensities to start out? was thinking of maybe hitting up some 5x5 for at least the big 3 (dead, bench and squat)

Also any hints for preserving the AC joint i.e movements to potentially miss?

Hey man,

Just spent a whole off season training for Rugby here in Canada (ended up switching into strongman instead). Have you considered getting into some Kettlebell work to start off with to develop some unilateral strength? Especially in your weak shoulder. I can’t recommended oly lifting enough for rugby, I used it in pre season training for th efirst time ever this year and was laying guys out.

If you do want to get into some Oly when you’re shoulder is feeling good I would look up som elocal Oly gyms in your area, you’re going to see some pretty awesome results with a coach.

For now I’d lay off the bench with the shoulder, get on some gym ring push ups and work that stability up. As a front row player it took me a long time to put mu ego aside and lay off the bench, I found it’s crossover onto the pitch isn’t all that great, and instead switched to doing a lot of pre-hab work on my shoulders to prevent injury.

Best of luck!

cheers for that, have seen massive results with doing just squats and GHR’s. Have laid off bench and starting to work in a lot of upper back work to stabilise the shoulder which is paying dividends pain wise. thanks for the advice

Awesome. Also here is one of my favourite in season/close to season routines. SUper short and effective!